Generator Thermal Imaging Gives You the Advantage

Electrical connections within your generator will degrade over time. This process can accelerate, depending on the operational environment. Generator thermal imaging helps you track the efficiency of your generator systems and identify problems before they can cause an operational delay. At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, our EGSA certified technicians can perform these tests for you whether your generators are in the middle of town, deep within a mine, or on an offshore oil platform.

What Can Be Tested with Thermography?

Thermography can test high voltage electrical equipment for faults. It can do this when the unit as at rest or under load. It can test the conducting joint, clamps, and connections for damage and signs of corrosion. It can also check all high-voltage switch contacts for flaws. You can also use thermography to test the isolating switch for signs of damage to the contact pad and rotating ball.

Thermography is highly effective at testing the overheating capacitor and coupling capacitor. You can also count on it to test the brush and collector ring and detect overheating from deep within the generator. Similarly, generator thermal imaging can identify problems within the motor bearings and pressure casing.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Generator thermal imaging cameras have multiple modes and functions that make it easy to spot problems and conduct repairs. These include easily controlled keypads and touchscreens, as well as IR, digital, and Duo Vision modes which overlay the thermal image with a digital picture. Many also offer connections to Bluetooth headsets that make it possible for technicians to make on the spot annotations of problems they discover.

Advantages of Generator Thermal Imaging

There are many advantages of conducting thermal imaging tests on your generator equipment. These tests can help increase productivity and decrease downtime. They can alert you to small problems before they become big headaches. By testing your system, you can make quick assessments that you can use to protect potential failures before they occur. The bottom line is that these tests are an inexpensive investment that allows you to improve operational efficiency without having to make additional investments in infrastructure.

Generator thermal imaging gives your highly detailed reports into the operations of your generator units. It allows you to proactively repair minor damage and loose connections before they cause costly damage to your systems. This helps reduce long-term maintenance expenses and will enable you to tailor your maintenance schedule to meet your needs as they evolve.

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