The Benefits of Generator Thermal Imaging

Generator thermal imaging helps identify problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye. By examining heat patterns, problems are quickly identified and appropriate corrective action can be taken. Most importantly, it allows for testing the unit without having to shut it down for maintenance which makes it easy to fit a thermal imaging test into your schedule. In the hands of an EGSA certified technician, a thermal imaging scan provides a broad analysis that can help you predict and prevent potential problems with your generator systems.

Training Is Essential

Thermal imaging equipment is highly advanced. While thermal imaging cameras may seem simple to operate, it is vital to know how to correctly orient and aim the device, and correct for conditions that can result in inaccurate or false readings. Each of our technicians receives thorough training in how to tune the thermal cameras we use, position the camera, and interpret the results. This means that you can rely on the training our technicians receive to deliver accurate and reliable data you can act upon.

Confirming Repairs

When repairs are required, it is vital to conduct a second thermal imaging test to verify the efficacy of the repair. Comparing the results of this confirmatory test with the initial test helps ensure that everything is working precisely the way it needs to. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the problem is resolved and won’t leave you in the dark the next time you power up your generator.

Thermal Imaging Assists Long-Term Risk Assessment & Saves Money

Generator thermal imaging data can be compiled to show patterns in your generator’s operation. This can help you identify recurrent problems, long-term risks, and help you adjust your maintenance and repair schedule. This helps mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime and can help you minimize the long-term operational costs associated with your generator systems. Crucially, it can prolong the operational lifespan of the unit which can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

The Dangers of “Do it Yourself”

There are a wide range of thermal imaging cameras available on the market. It is common for facility managers to assume that they are saving money by purchasing these cameras and performing thermal imaging tests themselves. This is a potentially costly mistake that can result in system failure in a critical moment. Thermal imaging tests require advanced skills and knowledge to perform. Without these, it is common for individuals to overlook critical steps in the testing process and the factors that skew and influence the reliability of test results. In fact, it is quite common for individuals to inform us that in-house thermal imaging tests didn’t detect a problem prior to it causing a system failure.

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