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Gen-Tech is a proud member of EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association). EGSA is an industry leader in certifying Power Generation Technicians.

Emergency Response Learn More

Emergency Response

Gen-Tech maintains a high level of emergency preparedness, allowing rapid response to emergency situations.

Planned Maintenance Learn More

Planned Maintenance

Gen-Tech encourages a very proactive approach to generator and ATS maintenance. Our planned maintenance services are designed to ensure functionality and reliability.

Load Bank Testing Learn More

Load Bank Testing

Load Bank testing is a method utilized to simulate “Under Load” conditions to fully test a generators output capability.

Thermal Imaging Learn More

Thermal Imaging

Gen-Tech offers optional thermal imaging services in conjunction with major ATS services.

Remote Alerting Learn More

Remote Alerting

Gen-Tech provides several levels of remote alerting services to fit your specific needs. With remote alerting you are provided assurance that your generator is ready to start when you need it.

Fuel Maintenance Learn More

Fuel Maintenance

Gen-Tech offers a variety of services to help ensure the quality of diesel fuel as well as the cleanliness of the fuel storage tank.

Commissioning & Decommissioning Learn More

Commissioning & Decommissioning

GEN-TECH offers on-site testing and startup to verify that the installed equipment and generator systems meet NFPA 110 requirements.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements Learn More

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

We offer comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Agreements for all major generator manufacturers.

Repairs and Overhaul Learn More

Repairs and Overhaul

GEN-TECH offers diagnostic services, troubleshooting and repairs of single and multi-unit power plants including generators, voltage regulators, transfer switches, auto start-stop systems and generator parallel controls.

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