Wondering Where to Rent a Generator?

If you own a generator, then you know how convenient it can be to have a generator at your disposal whenever you need it. However, generator ownership isn’t always the answer. Sometimes renting a generator can be more effective for your usage needs, your budget, or as a stopgap measure as you decide on which generator to purchase. Knowing where to rent generator products can make your process much easier.


Consider Generator Rental

As you choose a rental generator, there are many factors to keep in mind. One is what voltage and maximum amperage are necessary to meet your needs. Wattage is calculated by multiplying amps by volts. However, a motor may require up to three more watts to start. You should therefore rent a generator that produces a bit more power than you think you need to avoid generator shut downs or tripping a circuit breaker.

Another factor to consider is how long you will need the rental generator, which will impact the cost of your rental. You will also need to consider which type of generator you need. Your options will include everything from small, portable generators that you fill with fuel and manually turn on to automatic generators that come on when power from the main grid goes off. You should also know which power source is best for your needs. Some generators use gas, while others rely on diesel; some standby generators run on propane or natural gas.

You also need to pay attention to safety. One key safety feature is circuit breakers that protect the generator from issues related to overloading. Another is the ground fault circuit interrupter protection system, which prevents electric shocks and electrocution by shutting the generator down when it detects electrical current leakage.


Where to Rent Generator for Your Needs

When you need to rent a generator, you want it delivered and installed as soon as possible. Every concern you have about where to rent generator is put to rest with Gen-Tech rental generator service. When you rent through Gen-Tech, certified technicians will be dispatched to you without delay. After installation, you will have access to an after-hours dispatch line, where qualified experts are available to answer any questions that you might have.

Scheduled maintenance and servicing are also available to all long-term renters. You’re also taken care of if you are in a remote location where fuel is not readily available. Scheduled and 24/7 rapid response emergency fueling are available, done by four-wheel drive service trucks fitted with auxiliary tanks.


Choosing The Best

Gen-Tech is the industry benchmark when it comes to generator products and systems. Contact Gen-Tech about renting a generator, and join the band of happy customers who have no more power worries.

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