What Will You Learn During a Typical Generator Training Course?

Running a generator isn’t as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. It requires understanding the fundamentals of generator operation and safety, which is why we strongly recommend that anyone operating a mobile generator complete a basic generator training course. These courses will provide the basic knowledge required to operate the generator safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Instructors Are a Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

What’s the value of an EGSA certified technician? The answer is it is invaluable! EGSA certified technicians know the ins and outs of generator operation. They understand the core fundamentals and the advanced operations of modern power generation equipment. Whether it’s a mobile generator or a permanently fixed standby generator system, they know how to keep your system in prime condition. Their professional knowledge coupled with years of experience means that professional generator instructors can help you optimize the performance of your system, ensure safe operation and maximize the long-term value of your generator system.

What You Can Expect To Learn

Every generator training course is different. It is important to review the course syllabus before signing up to ensure the skills and knowledge covered apply to your industry and the types of power generation equipment you operate.

Generally, all courses will cover the types (and causes) of outages you may face, regulatory codes and requirements, as well as the importance of safety and the steps you can take to protect employees from harm. Courses will also cover basic electrical fundamentals, including the difference between AC and DC, real and apparent power, and how to calculate your power needs and the output of your power generation equipment.

Generator instructors will also cover system controls and monitoring tools. This includes governors, voltage regulators, PID loops, and other vital tools. Students in most courses will also cover battery operation and maintenance and the all-important Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) that ensures a smooth transition of power. You will also receive training in cooling systems, lubrication systems, fuel storage options, and regulatory requirements. More specifically, instructors will help you determine the proper ways to calculate fuel requirements and plan ahead, so you have adequate supplies of fuel available stored safely on-site or on scheduled delivery for your operational needs.

Generator training courses will provide significant detail regarding switchgear, circuit breakers, open/closed transition, wet-stacking, and more.

The Value of Training

Ultimately, those that complete the generator training courses have the required skill and knowledge to safely, efficiently, and reliably operate modern generator systems. At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, our highly regarded courses are designed to take your skills to the next level. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about upcoming generator training courses we’re offering in your area, at one of our other conveniently located facilities, or online. It is our pleasure to help ensure you have the training you need to get the most from your mobile generators, standby generators, and other power generation equipment.

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