Should You Buy a Used Power Generator?

Power generation equipment isn’t cheap, and many businesses consider purchasing used power generators and other equipment to save a buck. This decision is usually penny wise and pounds foolish. While you may get lucky and score a great deal on a barely used generator, it is more likely you will end up buying a generator that is on its last legs. That is because most owners sell their power generators at the point when they realize the cost of repairs and maintenance exceeds the cost of purchasing a new unit. While it never hurts to look at used equipment, our industrial power sales team strongly encourages caution before making a purchase.

The Importance of Being Informed When Purchasing Used Power Generators

You should never purchase used equipment unless it has an ironclad warranty backing it up. Generators have numerous moving parts, and every component needs warranty coverage. If the original warranty still covers the unit, it is imperative to verify that the warranty will transfer to you following the sale. If it does not transfer after the purchase, you leave yourself exposed to significant expense if the generator breaks down.

When purchasing a used generator, you want to know precisely how much the generator was used. Determining this isn’t very easy for most generator sets, which means you could purchase a unit that was barely used, or you could end up buying a generator that was used every day for the past decade.

Further, when you purchase a used generator, you don’t know how well the original owner maintained the unit. Even if a maintenance log is provided, you don’t know the skills and abilities of the people who performed the work. You also don’t know whether problems were allowed to fester within the system. Unresolved issues could ripple through the generator and result in hefty repair bills for your company.

When you purchase a used generator, you are usually buying a unit that is past its prime. It is unlikely that the unit was upgraded to include technological innovations introduced since it left the factory. Combined, this means higher operating expenses, fewer control features, and less-reliable operation, which could leave you in a bind if the generator ceases functioning. If your processes require minimal use, this may not be an issue. However, if you need regular, reliable power, the added cost of maintenance and operation can add up quickly.

Of course, there are exceptions, and due diligence is always encouraged. Power generators with thorough, accurate service and operational records, and those that have undergone a complete overhaul by a certified specialist and are covered by a full-warranty on components and labor can be a great deal.

Our industrial sales team can help you choose the ideal generator for your company’s needs. When you contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your power needs and recommend industrial power generators that will deliver reliable, cost-effective power for your endeavors.

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