How We Prepare Your Generator Rental

Before you rent a generator in Arizona, our team goes through a lot of steps to make sure your generator is ready to use when it arrives on site. We perform a thorough inspection and preparation regimen to know every component will perform as required. It’s just one of the many ways we make sure that we always deliver the best service and equipment for our clients in Arizona.

Washing & Inspection

One of the first things we do is to thoroughly wash and clean the generator when it returns to us. This allows us to complete a thorough visual inspection of the generator rental. We’ll note any damage, worn components, or items that need to be serviced during the inspection.

Fluids & Filters

Before we rent a generator in Arizona, we will fill all reservoirs with the proper fluids and make sure the filter is in good condition. As you use the generator, it’s imperative to regularly check these items to ensure that there are no leaks or clogged filters that can diminish performance.


We will load bank the generator before we make the generator available for rental. This helps protect against wet stacking and other problems. We’ll also test belts, pumps, control panels, and other systems to ensure that everything is tight, secure, and fully functional. Our thorough testing process and checklist are one way we guarantee that when you rent a generator in Arizona, it will perform as expected when it arrives at your location.

Regular Maintenance

Every generator has different preventative maintenance requirements. Our thorough records allow us to determine specific issues with each generator so that we can perform customized maintenance on the system before we rent it out. We make sure that everything from oil changes to filter changes are performed according to manufacturer recommendations and all applicable codes and requirements.

Repairs & Overhauls

We don’t rent substandard generators to our clients. Every generator we rent in Arizona is thoroughly tested and inspected. And, if we identify a problem during testing and inspection, we properly repair it before we return it to our rental fleet. While most repairs are straightforward to complete, from time to time, we do an overhaul and upgrade our older gensets. We do this to optimize performance and efficiency but also to ensure that our systems provide superior production capacity for our clients.

Do you need to rent a generator in Arizona? Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324, and we will help you select the ideal generator for your needs. We will also discuss rental contracts and any specific requirements you have for the work ahead of you.

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