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Learn valuable hands-on experience with a functional emergency generators

Generator Training

Offering the best technical training in the industry is our mission. We take pride in the quality of our generator training courses and the caliber of our teachers. Our emphasis on comprehensive service training provides our customers with confidence and peace of mind.

The centerpiece of our training classes is our 3 day power generation seminar. Our learning center offers a valuable “hands on” learning experience with functional equipment that complements classroom instruction. This gives our students the opportunity to learn troubleshooting, diagnostic and repair skills under the watchful eyes of our instructional experts, who test them with a variety or real world challenges.

Generac Certification Training

If you’re looking for a career that will always be in demand, becoming a Generac Certified Technician can be that career!  We offer two courses that will help you achieve those goals; the 3-Day Air Cooled Course and the 4-Day Protector Series Course.  The completion of one or both these courses and your association with a Generac Dealer will allow you to perform warranty repairs, maintenance and service work on Generac’s Air Cooled and Protector Series generators. For further details on these courses, click the respective link below.

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GEN-TECH On-Site Power Generation Seminar

The Centerpiece of our training is our On-Site Power Generation Seminar. Our learning center offers valuable “Hands-On” learning experience with functional equipment. Who Should attend? This seminar was developed for Maintenance Personnel, Facilities Engineers, Contractors, Owners and anyone who’s duties require them to interaction with a rental or standby power generator. Our Goal is to provide you with a thorough understanding of the basic and the applications from the simplest to the most complex systems.


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Customized Training

When neither our 3-Day Beginner nor our 5-Day Advanced course seem to be what you’re looking for regarding your power generation training needs, contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements so we can customize our class curriculum’s to meet those needs..

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