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We offer personalized service to facilitate repairs, service and modifications to your emergency generator.


Air Compressors Sales, Service and Rental

24 hours Emergency Service Available


Generator Training & Courses

Offering the best technical training in the industry!


We are a full service company specializing in your single resource for generator systems Service, Rental, Parts, Sales, Commissioning, Testing and Training. GEN-TECH is recognized as a leader in the Power Generation Industry. Our specialized teams of Sales, Service and Rental personnel understand the impact a power loss can have.

GEN-TECH Power Generation Specialists

GEN-TECH is recognized as a leader in the Power Generation Industry throughout the Southwest and Southern Nevada. Our focus is to provide 24 / 7 support to our customers. Our Specialized Team understands the impact a power loss can have.

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Generator Sales


To a Hospital, Data Center, Dairy or Municipality a loss of power can mean more than a loss of Revenue.  When it comes to mission-critical power requirements, we will work with you to assist in the design, installation and service for the most efficient and reliable system to fit your needs.

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Generator Rentals


Our experience in emergency, peak shave, co-generation and prime power applications provides a single source for design engineering assistance, maintenance and equipment for complex systems, Medium Voltage Applications and three phase resistance load banks. Generator rentals 20kw to 2000kw.

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Generator Service

We provide support service 24 / 7 with complete service repair and overhaul of engine-generators on location. As well as Planned Maintenance Programs, On Site Load Bank Service, Fuel Cleaning, Load Controls and L.P. Carburetion Analysis, Infrared Testing and Generator Commissioning.

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Air Compressors

Planned maintenance service of your Industrial Air Compressors in accordance with manufacturers recommendations extend the peak performance, efficiency, reliability, and life cycle of the equipment. GEN-TECH  will provide reports documenting the services performed and the test results.

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Service Industries:

  • Industrial and Commercial facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Data Centers
  • Agriculture
  • Gov. Buildings and Facilities
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Education and Institutional
  • Telecommunications

Our Services Include:

  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Loadbank Testing
  • Parts & Emergency Servicing
  • Repair & Modifications
  • Warranty & Maintenance Support
  • Full Service Mobile Fueling
  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Our Products:

  • Power Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Towable Equipment
  • Rental Equipment
  • Parts & Support
  • Auto Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Facilities Maintenance Training
  • Service & Repair

We Are EGSA Certified

Ensure your system is operating at its peak performance, specify that only EGSA certified Generator Technicians maintain and repair it.
EGSA’s Certification Program uses rigorous testing to identify generator technicians who have attained sufficient levels of skill, knowledge and expertise to demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of generator set and On-Site Power Generation systems maintenance and repair.

GENTECH is a proud member since 1999 of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) and employee certified technicians.

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We will do our best to answer any questions you may have regarding your Power needs.

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Generator Training Courses Available:

Offering the best technical generator training in the industry is our mission. We take pride in the quality of our generator training courses and the caliber of our teachers. Our emphasis on comprehensive service training provides our customers with confidence and peace of mind.

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Contact us to discuss your engine driven Prime Power Generation needs and let us help you find the most cost effective solutions to maximize your projects assets.

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