You Can Depend on Gen-Tech’s Generators to Do the Job

Our clients demand the highest quality generators for their needs. We have solutions for everyone from firemen setting up an emergency command post, to miners searching for ore and oil. Gen-Tech’s generator sales service team is proud to offer a wide range of reliable generators to our clients.

If it is not one of the most reliable companies in the world, building the best generators on the market, it is not something our generator sales service team will offer to our clients. That is why we only carry products from the following companies:

HIPOWER Systems – HIPOWER’s reputation for innovation and engineering is well-deserved. The 8 kW to 2 MW backup and standby diesel generators produced by the company are used for agriculture, construction, forest management, mining, telecom, and many other industries.

Siemens – With generators ranging in size from .3 up to 2,235 MVA, it’s no problem finding the right size generator from Siemens. Each generator set is easily customized to operate within the specific environment you need them to perform within.

Blue Star – Blue Star’s emergency standby generators and prime power systems are part of a comprehensive portfolio of products that the company is continually improving. The company’s reputation for building client relationships as strong and durable as their generators is well-deserved.

Doosan – Doosan’s portable generators range in size from 25 kVA to 400 kVA. The company produces some of the most user-friendly portable gen sets in the world, which makes it easy to train personnel on how to operate and maintain these systems safely.

Taylor Power Systems – Built primarily for the needs of agriculture and oil and natural gas, Taylor’s generators are strong, durable, and more than capable of providing the power required within even the most challenging environments.

ComAp – The right controller can save you time and money. It can ensure your system is fully operational and that you have advanced knowledge of potential problems. ComAp’s controllers are among the very best in gen set control technology. From the Intelilite 9 to the InteliVision 12, our team will help you find the right controller for your generator set.

Installation, Service, and Repairs

Our certified generator technicians have the skills and training to install, service, and repair each of the generators we offer. We ensure that you don’t have to slow down for maintenance or shut down until a repair technician can make it to town.

Further, if a problem arises and a significant repair is required, our relationships with the generator manufacturers make it possible for us to expedite the delivery of components and other necessary items to perform the job.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our generator sales service team. We guarantee that we will help you choose the generator that is ideally suited for your operational needs.

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