Winter Generator & Fuel Maintenance Tips You Can Take To the Bank

Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for generators. In addition to the normal workload, many generators must also stand up to the cold stare cast by Mother Nature. In order to keep your standby generator, mobile generator, or prime power generator operational throughout the cold winter months, the following are some tips the EGSA certified technicians at Gen-Tech strongly recommend.

Clear the Snow From Vents and the Surrounding Area

Snow blocks the air intake and can clog the exhaust. This can result in overheating and system failure. It is also advisable to clear a path in the snow so that it’s easy to reach the generator if it needs service. Be sure to remove all leaves, ice, and other debris so that this can’t injure personnel.

Check the Wiring & Batteries

Regularly inspect the wiring and make sure that you use insulation tools when checking the circuits. This helps protect personnel and prevents damage to the generator. You should also check that the generator’s stop valve, control panels, and other safety features function properly.

Pay Attention To Fuel Maintenance & Oil

Make sure to winterize your fuel supply. Add fuel stabilizers to prevent the fuel from debasing and turning stale. Also, test your fuel. If it needs to be polished or replenished, do this before you attempt to run it through the generator. Running old, stale fuel through your generator during the winter can cause significant damage to components. It is a leading cause of generator failure, and it’s easily avoided by adhering to a strict fuel maintenance regimen.

Likewise, don’t ignore the oil. Ensure that the oil levels are sufficiently maintained and that filters, lines, and other components are in good condition. Look closely for leaks and any signs of component damage that can cause a failure.

Run the Generator

Run your generator at least once every week during the winter months. This helps ensure that it will turn over even if the temperatures drop below freezing. The regular operation of your generator helps ensure that parts are properly lubricated. It also helps you identify problems with the air intake, exhaust, and more.

We also recommend checking the tension of both the fan and charger belts. Make any necessary adjustments without delay. Further, don’t skip load bank testing. While it may be cold and chilly, adhere to your regular load bank testing schedule.

The team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists can help you keep your standby, mobile, or prime power generator operational throughout the winter. We invite you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 to schedule generator maintenance and repairs. We will dispatch an EGSA certified technician to your location who can do everything from performing the fuel maintenance you require to replacing any damaged components.

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