Why Gaseous Generators Are Ideal for Assisted Living Facilities

Steady, reliable power is essential for assisted living facilities. It keeps the lights on, the machines powered up, and the climate comfortable for your residents. Power interruptions can have deadly serious consequences and assisted living facility managers can protect residents by proactively preparing for blackouts and brownouts. To that end, gaseous generators provide a solid shield that’s worth considering as you examine your standby generator options.

Advantages of Gaseous Generators

While natural gas and propane prices are rising to levels not seen for more than a decade, both are still less expensive than other fuel options. Over the long term, it’s a safe bet that gaseous generators will be less costly to operate than diesel fuel generators.

Further, there is no need to store large quantities of fuel on-site because most assisted living facilities are located in areas where natural gas hookups are straightforward and simple. While you will need to maintain some fuel to shield against potential damage to a natural gas line by storms, floods, etc., the fact is that when these events happen, natural gas flows are among the first services restored.

Further, gaseous fuel standby generators generate less air pollution than diesel-burning generators. Diesel generator emissions can negatively impact residents, specifically those with respiratory conditions such as COPD and asthma. While emissions from gaseous generators can also exacerbate these conditions, there are fewer emissions to worry about.

…But Not Everything is Roses

In “normal times” natural gas generators are an ideal solution. These are not normal times. Across North America, natural gas supplies are under significant strain. Production and storage are down considerably and it’s estimated that winter fuel deliveries and stockpiles will be 10%-15% lower than normal. This means higher prices for assisted living facilities and other clients, and it means that there is less room for error in budgets and storage estimates.

As such, investing in a dual fuel generator may be your best option. Selecting a generator that can burn both natural gas and diesel fuel will give you additional flexibility and help shield your facility from both fluctuating fuel prices and disruptions to available supply.

Gen-Tech Has the Generators Your Residents Need

At Gen-Tech, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of gaseous generators, diesel generators, and bi-fuel generators. We are always ready to help you calculate your power generation needs and determine the ideal system based on your geographic location, operation profile, regulatory requirements, etc.

Our EGSA-certified technicians have the skills and expertise required to install, maintain, repair, and replace the power generation systems your residents depend on for their health and safety. We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs with our experts.

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