What’s the Difference Between Dual Fuel and Bi-Fuel?

Dual fuel and bi-fuel may sound similar, but they are indeed very different things. When purchasing a bi-fuel generator, it is important to understand the difference. At Gen-Tech, our generator sales service team will be happy to go over your choice of fuel to help you select the best generator for your needs and the fuel sources available to your operations.

Bi-fuel systems use two different types of fuel that do not mix together during operation. These systems can switch fuel sources either automatically based on set parameters or via operator control. These types of systems are most commonly seen on power generators and automobiles, where the bi-fuel system can switch between electric, propane, gasoline, natural gas, and diesel fuels.

Dual-fuel systems combine two different types of fuel within the mixture that runs through the engine. This is usually done by allowing the primary fuel to fill the system before a governor gradually introduces the second fuel source. This type of system has the advantage of creating an optimal fuel mixture that will deliver superior efficiency and power.

While a bi-fuel generator won’t allow operators to combine fuels to create an optimal mixture, they have numerous advantages. For starters, they are extremely energy-efficient. Operators have a choice between different fuel sources, which allows them to generate the desired level of electrical output using the lowest fuel input. They also allow operators to shift the type of fuel they are using, whether the desired choice is natural gas, diesel, etc. based on emission standards, fuel cost, and other factors that make using either fuel source impractical or costly. In fact, it is not unheard of for a skilled operator to easily trim 50% of their annual fuel expenses through careful fuel management.

A bi-fuel generator is also highly sustainable. By switching fuel sources, operators can significantly decrease the amount of CO2 emissions. Moreover, some systems can be equipped with flare gas recapture to recycle some of the combustion by-products, thus further enhancing the bi-fuel generator’s eco-friendly footprint.

Finally, a bi-fuel generator can run significantly longer without the worry of running out of fuel. Because there are two different fuels that can be used, this requires less fuel storage capacity and less reliance on a particular fuel supplier. In emergencies, inclement weather, or other situations where fuel deliveries are delayed, the generator can keep running until the fuel delivery arrives.

Gen-Tech offers several bi-fuel generator systems for our clients to choose from. We encourage you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 for more information and to speak with our generator sales service team. We will answer your questions and help you select the ideal generator for your needs.

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