What to Expect from Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is a standard maintenance procedure to prevent wet stacking and test the operating capabilities of a power generator. The idea behind load bank testing is to put a generator through its paces in a controlled environment. This allows us to monitor performance and identify possible problems, instead of waiting until an emergency happens.

Certain facilities, such as hospitals, data centers, fire stations, critical care units, and other places necessary to preserve human safety will need to conduct regular load bank testing in order to stay compliant with certain safety regulations. This testing must be conducted in a specific way, running standby power at different capacities and monitoring stress, pressure, and fluid levels at each stage.

Load Bank Testing Helps You Stay In Compliance with…

  • Stringent new EPA standards
  • Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 110)
  • Local Regulations

What Is a Load Bank?

The “load bank” itself is simply a device which generates an electric load. This load is applied to a power generator in order to test its output capabilities. The load bank is used because it can apply a load with controlled parameters. A real load, on the other hand, will be unsteady, dispersed, and unpredictable. Here at Gen-Tech, we use a portable load bank which we can bring directly to your location in order to test on-site. Our load banks are able to test any capacity.

What Will Load Bank Testing Tell You?

When testing a standby generator, a properly conducted load bank test will check:

  • The generator’s total capacity
  • Cooling system capacity
  • The oil and fuel pressure at different running capacities
  • Stable frequency
  • Alternator capacity
  • Functionality of vital control systems under different loads

In addition, a load bank test will help remove fuel deposits that can cause wet stacking in a diesel engine that is seldom used to full capacity. Load bank tests are paired with other maintenance measures, such as testing of the ATS and a visual evaluation of the system.

What to Expect During a Load Bank Test

Here at Gen-Tech, we conduct load bank testing without any interruption to your normal business operations. We know that many of our clients maintain 24/7 access and need to be able to demonstrate compliance without shutting down their operation. Load bank testing is part of our normal preventive maintenance plans. Depending on your needs and the regulations to which you must adhere, we can conduct these tests quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Although we won’t need anyone to help us with our load bank testing, during the appointment, you’ll be able to ask any questions or bring up any concerns about your standby power system. Afterward, Gen-Tech will provide you with a report of the test results, and help you understand if there are issues or maintenance needs for your standby generator or attendant systems.

To set up a load bank test for your standby generator, contact Gen-Tech today.

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