What Steps Go Into Load Bank Testing?

When we perform a generator load bank service, our load bank testing procedures ensure that we obtain accurate results. Our methods and procedures are tried, tested, and strictly adhered to by our EGSA certified technicians. Our processes allow us to obtain accurate data that we use to ensure the generators we rent, sell, or service are in prime condition and ready to perform!

Before We Perform a Load Bank Test

Before we test, we make sure that all safety protocols are in order. This includes ensuring our EGSA certified technicians are wearing head, eye, and hearing protection. Each technician also has solid steel-tipped boots or shoes, gloves, and the necessary training and expertise to safely perform the test.

Our Testing Process

We start the test by warming it up and operating the generator until the water reaches the desired temperature stabilization. We’ll also make sure that all fluid levels are acceptable, including fuel, oil, coolant, etc. Once the temperature is acceptable, we transfer all manual and automatic switches to the emergency source. At this stage, we will listen for signs of problems and monitor gauges to confirm the generator is operating within manufacturer specifications.

Gradually, step loads are applied until the test load is achieved. During a typical test, this means we’ll start with the largest load first and gradually add legs that are roughly 50% of the original load. As the loads are applied, we’ll monitor the amperage of each leg. During this stage, we’ll monitor the legs to confirm that each isn’t falling below 105 volts. If it does, that confirms a problem with the generator and we will stop the test. It’s a failure that indicates the need for further inspection.

If the amperage is acceptable, we will monitor generator operation to confirm that all systems are operating properly and effectively. Again, if we detect problems during this stage of the test, we will shut the generator down and perform additional inspections.

At the completion of the test, we disconnect the load from the load bank and return all switches to their regular position. We’ll gradually remove the loads and cool the generator down until it can be safely shut off.

Don’t Test It Yourself!

Load bank testing is a delicate, and potentially dangerous process. If you don’t have the training, tools, and expertise to perform the task safely, you can suffer serious injuries or death. Further, you can seriously damage your generator. Our generator load bank service helps keep you safe and protects your generator from critical damage. We’re always ready and able to perform this service for our clients, and it is our pleasure to tell you more about the steps and processes we use to ensure your generator will deliver the performance you require.

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