What Skills Do You Need as a Generator Technician?

With an annual average salary of $45,000+ a year to start, many people are considering careers as a generator technician. As the need for power will only increase in the future, it is a lucrative career option. Generator technicians are highly skilled professionals, and our industrial generator training programs help individuals enhance their knowledge of power generation principles, troubleshooting, regulations, and repair techniques. For those who want to take their career to the next level, our trainers can give students the information they need to achieve their goals.

Skills That Are in High Demand

The ability to perform accurate diagnostics and identify the cause of component failure is invaluable. Technicians who can do this save companies time and money. Power generators are complex machines that require specialized mechanical skills and technical knowledge to maintain properly. Generator technicians must have a solid background in mechanical and electrical systems to effectively service gensets.

Companies also want technicians with the ability to perform preventative maintenance tasks on power generation equipment. This includes lubrication, oil, load testing, etc. These tasks help protect the generator from damage and ensure the generator functions properly.

In addition to technical skills, companies want technicians who have a solid record of performing clerical tasks. This includes organizing maintenance records, coordinating downtime to perform maintenance, and troubleshooting potential damage and disruptions.

Generator technicians must also be ready to get into the trenches. It is a job that sometimes requires digging trenches for conduits, operating forklifts, and other heavy equipment, and doing plenty of heavy lifting. Moreover, technicians must have the ability to work in often challenging environments.

The Desired Educational Background

At a minimum, individuals need a high school diploma. However, an increasing number of companies require vocational certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees. The program you complete must comply with the requirements established by the Electrical Generator Systems Association (EGSA). It is also helpful to have an apprenticeship or verified proof of on-the-job training.

At Gen-Tech, our industrial generator training programs are designed to help generator technicians take their skills and their careers to the next level. We fill in the gaps in a student’s existing knowledge and help them develop the specialized skills employers depend on. Our courses don’t teach students how to be a generator technician; we teach students how to be the best generator technician. We offer on-site power generation seminars, specialist certificates, and customized training solutions that utilities, oil and gas companies, emergency responders, and many other industries throughout the country depend on.

We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about our industrial generator training programs. It is our pleasure to answer your questions whether you are considering a career in the power generation industry, or seeking specialized knowledge to advance your skills.

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