What Remote Monitoring Means for Your Generator Operation

There are many advantages of remote monitoring for your operations. Specifically, it makes it possible for your business to reduce operating costs, minimize repair costs, maximize efficiency, and prolong the operational lifespan of your generators. It is an investment in safety and efficiency that your business will benefit from today, tomorrow, and for the life of the power generation systems you count on within your factory, oil/gas platform, logging operation, or emergency management center.

Advantage #1 – Monitor Fuel and Battery Levels

A generator that runs out of fuel is absolutely useless. Moreover, damage can occur when tanks run dry. Remote systems make it easy to see when fuel tanks are running low and need to be topped off.

Another common cause of generator failure is loss of battery power. Remote monitoring systems show you precisely how much voltage remains in your batteries before they will have insufficient power to start the generator.

Advantage #2 – Monitor Alarms

Workplaces can be noisy, and many times generators are positioned far away from the actual worksite. Remote monitoring triggers multiple alarms that are distributed to key personnel. Thus, if one person doesn’t hear it, another will. This helps reduce the risk of catastrophic failure that can occur when alarms are unheard or ignored.

Advantage #3 – Alerts You to Erratic Operation

Many factors can cause your generator set to deliver erratic voltage. Remote monitoring systems can help you quickly identify components that are failing and conduct the necessary repairs. This can reduce the cost of repairs and minimize the downtime required to perform the repair.

Advantage #4 – Makes It Easier to Track Workflow

Monitoring creates a record of your generator usage. You can use this data to identify fuel needs, optimize generator positioning, schedule maintenance, anticipate component replacement, and plan for fuel deliveries. This improves your ability to meet deadlines and perform the work your clients hire you to complete.

Advantage #5 – Remote Testing

It takes time and money to send personnel into the field to test your generator sets. Remote systems allow you to take control of the unit from a location that may be halfway around the world. This means you can run complete engine/transfer switch tests, monitor readiness status, review intermittent alarms, and other crucial tasks without having to make a trip to the worksite.

Advantage #6 – Remote Monitoring Is Permanently Powered

Remote monitoring systems will alert you to problems even if the generator stops running. The systems contain an internal battery unit that keeps them operational when the generator ceases functioning. This makes it possible for you to promptly dispatch service technicians to the site so that your generator sets aren’t sitting idle when they need to deliver power to your critical systems.

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