What Does A Generator Training Course Involve?

In the high-demand, highly technical power generation industry, keeping up with certifications and training is key. However, if you have considered taking a generator training course in the past, you may have felt overwhelmed by options and unsure which option offered the best investment of your time and money. 

Fortunately, leading experts in the power generation industry are excited to share their knowledge and expertise with programs that provide extensive training and professional certification in important service and repair skills. One of these experts is Gen-Tech, an organization with a decades-long mission to provide the best products, service, and training in the power generation industry. Their generator training course offers the highest-quality industry training and certification, with an emphasis on comprehensive service skills that promote customer confidence. 

Power Generation Seminar

The main Gen-Tech generator training course is the three-day power generation seminar, offered at the company’s learning center. In this course, trainees receive a practical, hands-on learning experience, with access to the same equipment they will use in the field, supplemented with theoretical classroom lessons. Students in this course have the opportunity to learn everything they will encounter in the field, including troubleshooting, diagnostic, and repair skills. Training proceeds under the guidance of expert instructors who challenge students so that they are prepared to tackle real-world power generation industry situations.

While anyone can benefit from learning more about the power generation industry, this course is specifically geared toward contractors, maintenance personnel, and facility engineers, who need to quickly diagnose and resolve generator problems.

Protector Series and Air Cooled Courses

Gen-Tech’s other options for a generator training course include the four-day Protector Series Course and three-day Air Cooled Course. While Generac-certified technicians are required to take the Air Cooled course to service home standby generators, students can enroll in one or both of these courses. Both enable them to perform repairs for warranty items and perform service and maintenance on Generac’s Air Cooled and Protector Series generators. These generator training courses are offered at Gen-Tech’s Glendale, Arizona, and Eagle, Wisconsin, facilities. 

In addition to these courses, Gen-Tech offers many other certification courses. These include classes about commercial generators, industrial generators, MPS, and Master Certification.

Customized Training Options

If none of these preexisting courses will satisfy your organization’s needs, Gen-Tech has expertise in developing courses that meet specific training requirements. After a conversation about your specific needs, Gen-Tech will create a customized training curriculum for your organization.

Interested in an existing or custom generator training course? Contact Gen-Tech for the best certification education in the power generation industry. 

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