What Causes Power Outages in the Phoenix Area?

For most people, an occasional power outage is a minor and temporary inconvenience. However, for a business whose vital operations rely on electric power, such as an airport or hospital, they pose a major security risk.

Here in Arizona, average energy usage per capita is actually among the lowest in the country, thanks to the fact that few of our primary industries rely on heavy power usage. Instead, the biggest energy usage happens in transportation and residential power. However, this lower energy usage certainly doesn’t reduce our risk for power outages. In fact, in some ways it might make the risk higher.

Most Common Causes of Power Outages in Phoenix:


Peak residential energy usage in the summer is up to twice as much as residential energy usage in the winter. These high-use periods increase the potential for essential components in the power grid to overheat and be overworked. That’s why the valley sometimes experiences rolling blackouts during hot summer days.


Storms certainly aren’t unique to Phoenix. However, the extremes of monsoon season are. The combination of sudden, torrential rain and strong winds frequently causes fallen branches or trees to compromise power lines. Although energy companies dispatch repair teams as soon as possible, road conditions can sometimes cause significant delays.


Neighborhoods in suburbs surrounding Phoenix are among the fastest-growing residential areas in the country. All of this construction and development requires corresponding construction and development of power access. Digging near power lines and re-routing existing wiring can cause temporary power outages to the surrounding area.


This might seem like a very minor cause of power outages when compared with the others on the list. However, sadly, it’s not rare for power outages to be a result of something as commonplace as a traffic accident where a truck hits a power line. Other accidents could be minor personal construction projects that hit underground utility lines and even damage from rodents and other wild creatures.

Prepare for Power Outages with Reliable Backup Power

You can’t prevent accidents and storms from happening. However, you can ensure that you’re ready to maintain your business operations, whatever happens to the power grid. Reliable backup power on-site enables you to continue functionality, no matter the external conditions.

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