Understanding the Advantages of Natural Gas

It is estimated that 64 million homes in America are connected to a natural gas line. This equates to roughly half of the homes in the country. Clean-burning and affordable natural gas is widely available. This makes the installation of a natural gas powered backup generator a natural choice. There are many advantages to choosing a natural gas generator. These are worth exploring as you consider the various types of generators available.

Dependable Power Throughout the Year

It is rare for a natural gas line to go down. Aside from floods and man-made accidents, there are few events that shut the supply off. This means you can rely on it to deliver a steady stream of fuel throughout the year. There is never a need to schedule a delivery, and there is no need to install and maintain storage tanks on your property. All you have to do is switch the natural gas generator on when you need it. Even more important, you can use the generator for as long as you need it without ever worrying about running out of fuel.

Natural Gas is Clean and Cost-Effective

Natural gas emissions are far less than diesel fuel, oil, and gasoline powered generators. Natural gas generators do not generate soot, ash, or pungent smells. This helps protect the air quality and environment around your home or place of business.

The cost of the natural gas is also lower than the cost of gasoline, oil, or diesel fuel. Natural gas generators are also less expensive to purchase and maintain. This means that your installation and long-term operating expenses are minimal.

Safe to Operate

Natural gas generators are safer to operate than generators that require refilling. There is no need to fill tanks or worry about leaks from fuel storage containers. Unlike gasoline or oil, natural gas dissipates into the air when a leak occurs. It doesn’t seep into soil and contaminate groundwater supplies. Further, any leaks that occur are easy to recognize by the odorant added by the gas company. This alerts you to the danger and the need for immediate service. It also gives you the opportunity to shut the valve off and stop the leak to minimize the risk of fire or explosion.

It would be our pleasure to discuss the natural gas power generators we offer. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the benefits of natural gas and the generators we recommend to meet your backup power needs.

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