Types of Standby Generators

Whether you run a data bank or a hospital, energy failures can be disastrous to your essential operations. Standby generators provide backup power which automatically switches over to keep you running, whatever may happen with the local power grid.

However, a standby generator will only be useful if it’s properly chosen, installed, and maintained. Here at Gen-Tech, we’re a premier provider of new and used standby generators to locations in Arizona and Las Vegas.

How can you determine which kind of standby generator is appropriate for you? Generators can, in general, be sorted by their fuel source. Here’s a general overview of three types of standby generators, and the pros and cons of each.

Gas Standby Generators

Gas generators can be fueled by either propane or natural gas. However, in both cases, a gas generator needs an ongoing fuel source and is thus connected to a gas line for continuous power. This allows it to last longer than if it was reliant on a single tank of fuel with a fixed capacity. However, it relies on that gas line, as natural gas is more dangerous to store than diesel fuel. It’s important to note that this factor can also make gaseous generators less stable than diesel in case of a disaster, as they’re more likely to create fire hazards.

Gas generators tend to have a shorter lifespan than diesel generators, although proper maintenance can extend the life expectancy.

Diesel Standby Generators

Diesel standby power is the go-to for most industries. Diesel generators operate completely independent of the grid, with their own fuel storage. However, this means that they’ll require refills more often than gaseous generators connected to a functional gas line. Diesel generators are sturdy and stable, with a long lifetime and minimal maintenance needs. For the most part, diesel maintenance will consist of fuel maintenance.

One drawback to a diesel engine is the volume of the motor, which is louder than a gaseous generator. That’s why many of the Generac diesel generators we sell here at Gen-Tech are equipped with sound-absorbing enclosures that minimize disruption to your property.

Traditionally, diesel standby generators have been the norm. However, improvement in efficiency and safety for gaseous generators is bringing the two options more into balance.

Bi-Fuel Standby Generators

Why choose just one? Generac’s Bi-fuel generator system integrates the best of both worlds, fully integrating to draw power from the fuel source available at the time. Although “bi-fuel” has been a generator option for many years now, Generac’s Bi-fuel system is the first and only true bi-fuel system EPA certified straight from the factory; other units are retrofitted with aftermarket adjustments.

Learn more about bi-fuel in our next blog post, or contact us to learn which kind of standby generator will be best for your needs.

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