Top Tips for Maintaining a Prime Power Generator

No one wants to schedule a last-minute generator repair in Arizona. That is why the Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists team recommends strict adherence to manufacturer recommendations and maintenance plans. When it comes to top tips that are universal to all generators, the following are some suggestions you can take to the bank.

Replace Worn Parts Before Repairs Are Required

Whether it is a worn belt, a dirty filter, or a leaking hose, it is always better to replace a worn or damaged component before it can cause a power generation failure. If your maintenance inspection uncovers a component that is on its last leg, replace it before it shuts the generator down.

Watch Your Fluids

Leaking coolant and bad fuel are two of the most common causes of generator repairs in Arizona. Make sure that you regularly inspect your generator for leaks, damaged fuel lines, etc. You should also regularly test your fuel to ensure that you are not putting poor quality fuel into the system that can damage the engine or clog the fuel lines.

Perform Load Bank Tests

NFPA 110 requires monthly and annual load bank testing for emergency power generators. You should adhere to this and any other regulatory requirements regarding load bank testing. Remember, load bank testing allows you to discover problems in a controlled setting rather than during an active event where power failure can cost you money or lead to loss of life.

Don’t Skip Inspections

It would be best if you visually inspected your prime power generator every week. More importantly, don’t just give it a casual glance. Make sure that your teams thoroughly inspect the system for signs of damage or impending failure. The more effort you expend into inspecting your system, the less time you will spend waiting for a generator repair technician in Arizona to arrive and fix the resulting problems.

Keep Detailed Records

Your prime power generator logbooks create a direct link to your generator system’s service and repair history. If you do need to schedule generator repair in Arizona, this information can be invaluable to the repair technician. It can help an EGSA certified technician quickly identify problems with the system and potential issues that have been overlooked in the past. Information is power, and it is a power that our generator repair technicians wield to keep your prime generators operating at their optimal efficiency.

We encourage you to contact the EGSA certified technicians at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists for more information about our generator repair services in Arizona. When you call Gen-Tech at (800) 625-8324, our experts will answer your questions and tell you more about the steps we take to ensure our clients’ prime power generators deliver reliable operation for hospitals and healthcare facilities, universities, and more.

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