Tips To Take In Before Taking Your Generator Rental Home

Power makes the world go round, and when you need more power, you need a generator rental company to provide it. Whether you are renting a generator for a wedding, holiday, party, or other special events, you don’t want to pick the first name in the phone book. Rather, you want to pick the best company that can supply reliable equipment, solid support, and ironclad protection for your function. At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we know how crucial reliable power is for our clients, and we recommend you consider the following before making a decision.

Brands Matter

Not all power generation equipment is created equal. When it comes to brands, make sure that the generator rental company isn’t offering inferior quality equipment. Suppose they don’t have the best systems on offer for you to rent. In that case, that’s a sign they aren’t invested in delivering superior quality equipment with proven track records of reliability to their clients.

Read and Review the Contract

Reputable generator rental companies will go over the rental contract with you before you sign on the dotted line. These are long documents, and you are bound to have questions. Thus, it would be best if you spent time reviewing the services the company will provide and both your and the company’s responsibilities for maintaining, operating, delivering, and returning the generator.

Inspect the Generator

Always inspect the generator before it’s delivered. Ensure it has the right capacity for your load requirements and that it was tested and properly serviced after its last rental. You should also inspect and note any signs of damage, wear and tear, etc.

Go Over Operating Procedures

There is more to operating a generator than connecting a few cords and flipping a switch. You don’t have to be a professional electrician, but you need a basic knowledge of generator operation. For this reason, you want to select a generator rental company that will guide you through the procedures and provide you with the essential guidance you need to keep the system running.

Setting Up and Using the Generator

Most generator rental companies will deliver and set up the generator as part of the rental agreement. If you are inexperienced in the process and procedures, this is an invaluable service to use. Not only will it protect the system from damage and ensure it is properly grounded, but it will ensure that your system is ready to go when the time comes to switch on the lights.

Finally, Seek Support

Is your generator rental company available during the times you plan to operate the generator? Do they have people on hand that can answer questions and provide technical support if the need arises? If they don’t, then put down the phone and keep searching until you find a company that offers the support you may need to call upon.

Do you have questions about generator rentals? Contact the Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists team at (800) 625-8324, and we will be happy to give you the answers you need.

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