The Value of Generator Remote Monitoring

Proactive remote generator monitoring ensures that your generator is ready to deliver the power you depend on. Remote monitoring alerts you to potential problems before they require extensive repairs or cause power disruptions that damage to your machinery or halt business operations. Modern monitoring systems give you the information you need to keep the power flowing whether you are down the road or a thousand miles away.

Communicating with Your Generator(s)

Data centers, technicians in the field, and users with remote access authorization can connect to your generator via the telephone, wireless internet, RS232, or RS485. The diversity of alternative communication options removes your reliance from one particular method. If one or more options fail due to weather or system failure, it is possible to maintain remote generator monitoring.

Scalable Solutions for Every Operation

Generac’s GenLink software is capable of controlling up to ten parallel-capable generators. Your monitoring system can help you schedule and execute engine tests, test the transfer switch, monitor readiness, as well as identify and correct system errors.

The breadth of the information available and the control remote monitoring offers make it an invaluable component within any generator system. It provides greater control for users, protects the generator from damage, and improves overall operational efficiency.

Automatic Reports and Critical Alerts

Your monitoring systems can be programmed to provide regular reports regarding fuel levels, battery conditions, and exercise schedules. Generac’s GenLink software or Mobile Link are easy to access via a laptop, PC, or smartphone. Generac’s programs and apps deliver continuously updated information to the user. These applications give users the capability to remotely start/stop the generator, load/unload the generator, and operate relays.

When a problem occurs or safety parameters are breached, the program can shut the generator down and notify the dealer that service is required. This helps protect the generator and any sensitive machinery connected to the power supply.

Equally as important, remote monitoring alerts generator repair technicians to any parts that are damaged. This makes it possible for the technician to show up on site with the appropriate replacement parts. Whether a control board is needed or a speed sensor is required, they will have all the information they require before they get on the road. This saves time, reduces expenses, and minimizes the disruption to your power supply.

When the weather is bad and accessing the generator is not safe or possible, remote monitoring provides instant access to the system. This allows you to maintain the power you need without endangering the health and safety of yourself or your employees.

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