The Value of EGSA Certification

The Electrical Generating Systems Association represents more than 750 companies in the United States involved in on-site power generation. These companies comprise manufacturers, distributors, engineers, and others responsible for guaranteeing that our customers have the power they need to conduct regular operations and respond to emergency situations. To date, there are approximately 300 schools and online providers in the United States who are authorized to offer EGSA certification to professionals in the electrical industry.

Becoming EGSA Certified

Technicians earn their certification following successful completion of the EGSA course and exam. The course takes approximately three days to complete and it takes approximately four hours to take the 200 question exam. Topics covered on the exam include the maintenance and repair of portable generator sets and the overarching principles of on-site power generation.

To achieve EGSA certification, technicians must demonstrate advanced knowledge of many topics. These include basic principles of electricity, engine instrumentation and controls, automatic transfer switches, and auxiliary support systems. It is one of the most thorough exams in the power generation industry and individuals who earn their certification are considered experts in troubleshooting problems and maintaining the flow of reliable power.

The Difference Between Apprentice and Journeyman Certification

Apprentice certification is provided to new technicians who perform services on portable power generation equipment. These individuals typically have a 2 or 4 year college degree or are graduates of equivalent programs in the United States military.

Journeyman certification is offered to individuals who have at least three years of experience working as an electrical power generator equipment technician. Earning this certification requires demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of on-site power generation. Because of the extensive knowledge required to successfully earn this certification, this is considered one of the most prestigious accomplishments within the industry.

The Importance of EGSA Certification

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. EGSA-certified technicians receive training in the latest technologies and industry practices. This is important for both clients and suppliers because it confirms that technicians deployed to install or maintain systems have the required skills and knowledge to maintain complex power generation systems. This reduces the risk of damage to the unit and gives clients peace of mind, knowing they can rely on their generator to deliver steady power when it’s needed.

The Value of EGSA Certification

On-site power generator technicians with EGSA credentials are in high demand. Both Apprentice and Journeyman credentials are portable throughout the country. Certification demonstrates significant knowledge of the principles of portable power generation.

For clients, certification means that you can rely on the advice and services of your technician when they set-up, service, and repair your portable power generation systems. This improves the efficiency and safety of your operations and helps reduce your long-term maintenance and repair costs.

Maintaining reliable power is the primary responsibility of Gen-Tech’s generator and air power specialists. When your power goes down, our EGSA certified team of technicians can be reached for emergency service at (800) 625-8324.


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