The Value of a Customized Generator Training Course

There are numerous options for standardized generator training courses, often offered by the generator manufacturers themselves. However, many business owners and facilities operators quickly learn that these programs don’t meet their needs. The training program may be too large, and oftentimes may not quite apply to your operations. While there is significant value in many off-the-shelf training programs, the best bang for your buck comes from investing in customized training solutions.

The Advantages of Customized Training Courses

Investing in a customized training course gives you the ability to train personnel in the specific tasks they are required to perform. It gives you the ability to go into significant detail on the operations of the generators within your facility. It also allows you to address specific problems you are experiencing and challenges that you know are on the horizon.

Preparing Your Customized Generator Training Course

Our trainers have decades of combined experience preparing and delivering customized training courses. From the start, our team will work closely with you to develop a course that meets your every expectation. In particular, we focus on the principles of power generation, compliance with Tier 4 and other regulations, troubleshooting, and repairs.

We can help you design a custom generator training course that can last a day, or courses that go throughout the week. As you start the planning process, we will thoroughly assess your needs and objectives and recommend an effective training curriculum.

Delivering the Desired Results

Our team strives for constant improvement. We learn what works, and what doesn’t, from every training session we conduct. Our focus on our client’s needs has created a team of professionals who know how to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

Our training sessions can be conducted on-site, remotely, or within our facilities. We work closely with our clients to identify the best location and the necessary technologies so that everyone who needs to attend can do so without causing unnecessary disruption to your operations.

There Is No Substitute for Hands-On Training

It is one thing to read a manual, but it is nothing compared to the value that comes from seeing what needs to be done on an actual machine. While there is always a place for theory and diagrams, our training sessions give participants an opportunity to receive hands on experience performing the tasks they learn during the training course.

Follow-Up After the Course

Our support doesn’t end when the class ends. We maintain close contact with our clients and take action on feedback we receive following each customized training course. This allows us to adjust the curriculum as required and include new information as it becomes available. The result is a strong training curriculum that is flexible to your needs.

Contact Gen-Tech Generator and Air Power Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information on our customized generator training courses. Our instructors are ready to work with you to develop a curriculum that covers your specific needs and operational requirements.

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