The Rea$on$ Your Business Needs a Backup Generator

Many business owners don’t think they need a backup generator. The reality is that the public utility network in the United States is getting older. Storms are becoming more common. Power demands are rising faster than utility providers can meet them. For businesses, this means that the risks of a blackout, brownout, or other disruption in service are rising.

The Cost of Inventory Loss

If you manage a grocery store, gas station, ice cream shop, or restaurant, it is a good bet that you have tens of thousands of dollars in inventory in cold storage. Unrefrigerated dairy products, meat, fish, and frozen foods are as good as lost when the power goes down.

The Loss in Productivity

In 2016, Delta lost $150 million when its operation center in Atlanta went down for just five hours. While your business may not lose that much, you can calculate the average you would lose by estimating your hourly sales revenue or operational expenses.

It was not an isolated incident, either. In 2019, America watched as numerous blackouts and brownouts rolled across California as PG&E cut power to more than 500,000 people in October. Southern California Edison shut off power to nearly 400,000 more people not long after. These shutdowns lasted for weeks as linemen inspected thousands of miles of power lines. These blackouts forced many businesses to shut their doors until the power was restored.

The Loss of Service

Your customers depend on you. Whether you operate a printing shop, medical clinic, dental office, law firm, or production facility, power outages put your business behind schedule. One hour without power can result in two hours of catching up. The longer the power is out, the further you will fall behind on your deliverables and services. That’s not a position any business owner wants to find themselves addressing.

A Backup Generator Is an Investment in Profitability

Standby generators are an investment that can keep your business open while everyone else is shut down and waiting on the power company. Doosan, HIPOWER, Siemens, and many other manufacturers we carry at Gen-Tech offer power generation options that are ideally suited for your business.

If you are wondering what a backup generator is worth to your business, calculate the potential lost income, lost productivity, and lost inventory from a single outage. Our generator technicians will bet dollars to your spoiled milk that all it would take is one or two outages for the investment to pay for itself.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about the backup generators we recommend for small and medium-sized businesses in the region. We will answer your questions and provide you the specifics on the generators that can keep your doors open when the power goes down.

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