The Powerful Advantages of Generac’s Protector Series

There are many types of standby generators. When choosing a standby generator, it’s important to assess your needs and select a generator that won’t leave your operations idle. At Gen-Tech, we proudly offer the Generac Protector Series because we know it can deliver the power and performance our clients demand.

Features of the Protector Series

Generac’s Protector Series offers a number of features that make these types of standby generators the most user-friendly in the world. These include Two-Line LCD Multilingual Digital Evolution™Controllers that make it easy to read the status of the generator and the breaker position.

True Power™ technology significantly reduces harmonic distortion. This results in smooth and efficient operation of the systems connected to the standby generator. This helps protect sensitive electronics such as data servers, computers, etc.

The Isochronous Electronic Governor automatically returns the generator to the original setpoint once a load is applied or rejected. This stabilizes the frequency which in turn protects electronics and other systems from damage.

Generac’s smart battery charger prevents over charging and actively regulates the current supplied to the battery which helps improve operation and prolong the battery’s operational lifespan. The device continually monitors battery status and provides real-time data on battery function so that you can replace the battery before it causes a critical failure.

Accessories for Every Need

In addition to manufacturing some of the most reliable types of standby generators in the world, Generac’s designs are easily customizable and designed to adapt to your specific needs.

Mobile Link™ makes it a breeze to check your generator from anywhere in the world. In inclement weather, this can save you a potentially hazardous trip. This can be coupled with the Wi-Fi LP fuel level monitor that alerts you when fuel is running low.

The cold weather kit and extreme cold weather kits are ideal for locations where the temperature falls below freezing on a regular basis. This kit warms the battery and ensures there is sufficient power available for operation no matter how long the cold lasts.

As with all generators, proper maintenance is essential for maintaining operational utility. Proper maintenance depends on proper tools and the scheduled maintenance kit is an inexpensive investment that makes it simple to operate on Generac’s generators.

Finally, the Smart Management Module is a feature unique to Generac generators. It enhances your power management potential and gives you significant operational flexibility.

The team at Gen-Tech Generator and Air Power Specialists invites you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about the types of Generac standby generators we offer. We will answer your questions and help you make the best choice for your business.

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