The Power of Gen-Tech On-Site Training

Gen-Tech’s On-Site Power Generation Training in North Las Vegas aims to get your teams up to speed as quickly as possible. Our proprietary generator training curriculum covers the basics of the power generation principles your teams need to master. We provide a solid foundation in the operation of power generators, safe operational practice and electrical safety, and best practices that your teams can use to maximize efficiency and output.

Our Seminar Schedule

You have a business to run, so you can’t afford to have your key staff away at training for too long. Our seminar schedule packs a significant amount of information into a short 3-day window. Each section of the program is taught by trained and certified professionals who deliver the course materials and have the knowledge required to answer your questions.

On the first day, participants receive thorough training in safety, basic principles of electrical power generation, as well as AC/DC, circuits, components, and the intricacies of frequency and voltage. It’s a hefty warm-up for more detailed classes the next day.

The second day includes hands-on training. Participants learn all about the controls, voltage regulation, safety features, fuel systems, and other elements of power generators. It’s a busy day that starts at 8 am and goes through 5 pm.

The third day starts with a review of the hands-on training from the day before. Instructors will then move into the principles of transfer switches, discussions about paralleling generators, switchgear, controlling the air-fuel ratio, and engine control and maintenance.

When the course is complete, participants will have a solid understanding of the principles of power generation. Further, all course materials serve as a ready reference that they can keep on their desk or in their truck. Most graduates retain their copy for years after the generator training course concludes and regularly refer to it as they perform their duties.

Customized Seminars

What do you do when the “one size fits all” doesn’t fit your business needs? At Gen-Tech, we understand that each business has different needs and training requirements. We offer a customizable on-site power generation seminar for companies that employ generator technicians, facility managers, etc. Our instructors will work closely with you to identify the most appropriate modules and information to meet your needs. Once completed, we guarantee that your staff will have the information they require to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Need Additional Training and Certifications?

Contact us to learn more about the new training programs and certification options we have available. We are always working on ways we can improve our offerings and provide the educational services our clients require as technology evolves, regulations emerge, and the power generation industry moves further into the 21st century.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324. We will tell you more about our on-site generator training seminars. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and help you find the best training solution for your team.

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