The Importance of Emergency Generator Service

When you depend on backup power, it is important to keep an eye on your generator and take immediate action if any warning signs arise — no matter how minor. These include slow starting or intermittent stopping, as well as spots under the generator, which can indicate that fuel, oil, or coolant has leaked. Catching these problems early can allow them to be resolved before they create major issues. However, even if you are diligent about service and maintenance, a generator can still malfunction or stop working altogether — and this requires reliable emergency generator service.

What Is Emergency Generator Service?

If your standby generator encounters trouble during a power outage, you will require emergency generator service. With a reliable service provider like Gen-Tech, you will be covered by a 24/7 emergency phone system that ensures rapid response to any of your needs. These calls will not go to a call center but to a team of expertly trained, onsite employees who are prepared to meet your needs. Calls from those at critical service providers, such as law enforcement, medicine, and fire safety, are given first priority. These customers handle life-or-death situations, and so their emergency generator service needs are most pressing not just for their organization but for the community as a whole. 

As soon as an emergency generator service call is received, a crew of technicians will rush to the site with service vehicles. These vehicles are fully equipped with tow capacity and a 100-gallon fuel tank, as well as tools, equipment, and spare parts. When you call Gen-Tech for emergency generator service, you will have access to top-quality resources for power supply. Our organization is equipped with a main fuel tank and several auxiliary tanks for customers’ remote fueling needs. We also have extensive power cabling, portable transfer switches, and a rental fleet that includes 20kW to 2000kW mobile generators that are also kept ready to go. We can also provide a semi-tractor and crane trucks to provide any necessary towing or generator relocation services. 

Always Ready to Respond

When you have a problem, you want to get help without delay — and you want to be able to trust that the team helping you is staffed with experts and stocked with top-quality equipment. When the power goes out, a generator becomes the only power source which makes response time critical. Gen-Tech understands this and aims to minimize downtime. Contact Gen-Tech for expert and dedicated emergency generator service you can count on day or night.

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