The Features and Options Available in a Mobile Generator Rental

When you need a mobile generator rental, there are many options available and features to consider. At Gen-Tech, we offer a wide range of mobile generator rentals that can keep your business moving forward. The following are some of the things you should know as you zero in on your choice.

Mobile Generator Rentals Come in Many Sizes

Mobile generators are available with a wide range of sizes ranging from 1kW for a light portable system, to 2 MW+ for trailer-mounted generator systems.

Trailer-mounted systems within integrated enclosures are the most common mobile generator rental. These systems reliably produce between 20kW and around 800 kW of electricity. In addition, most of these systems will provide between 8 hours and 24 hours of operation before the fuel tank runs dry.

Additionally, there are trailer-mounted power modules. These produce between 400 kW and more than 2 MW of electricity. This makes them well-suited for running heavy machinery, data centers, emergency response operations, etc. They will offer unlimited operation so long as you have sufficient fuel supplies to keep the motor humming.

It is crucial to select the generator that most closely matches your needs. If you choose a system that’s too small, it will lack the capacity required to keep your systems operational. If it’s too large, you’ll waste fuel. Working closely with a generator support specialist can help ensure your calculations are spot on the money.

Features To Consider

Mobile generator rentals offer many features that can make moving the generator easier, managing the generator, and protecting the generator. Mobility is the top concern of many clients, and it’s crucial to select a generator that you can easily get from Point A to Point B and places in between. For this reason, trailer-mounted generators are the most popular rentals we offer.

You may also want a generator with a multi-voltage selector switch. This makes it easier to operate a wide range of equipment with different power needs.

Weather is another primary concern, and it’s important to select a generator that is well protected against the elements. While most enclosures will protect against wind and rain, you may need a mobile generator rental with specialized protection against cold weather conditions.

And, don’t forget the fuel. Most generators with integrated fuel tanks can operate for a maximum of 24 hours. If you need continual operation beyond that, you will need to prepare for that by either scheduling reliable fuel delivery or renting fuel tanks with sufficient capacity to keep the generator fuelled up.

We are happy to help you select the mobile generator rental best suited for your needs. Contact the Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists team at (800) 625-8324 and we’ll help you sort through everything from capacity and remote monitoring to fuel and paralleling capabilities.

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