The Benefits of Microgrid Technology

Microgrid technology is spreading across the United States at a rapid pace. These systems are designed to provide consistent, reliable power to everything from manufacturing plants to residential neighborhoods. As demands on utility services exceeds their ability to supply power to customers in the region, microgrids fill the gaps so that the lights always stay on and the machines keep performing the tasks our modern society depends on.

The Rise of the Microgrid

There are nearly 2,000 microgrids in operation or in the planning stages throughout the United States. By 2021, it is estimated that microgrid capacity in the country will exceed 4.3GW. As businesses and cities seek to achieve greater control over their power supply, it is driving advancements in microgrid technology at a rapid pace. As the technology evolves, it is creating viable alternatives for commerce that is alleviating reliance on capital infrastructure investments. Roughly 60% of all microgrids in the United States are owned by end customers including everyone from the military to municipal governments.

The Need for Power in the Digital Era

One key driver in the growing demand for microgrid technology is the evolution of the tech sector and the explosion of computerized electronics. These sensitive devices operated by everyone from healthcare facilities to data centers is creating an unquenchable thirst for reliable power. As infrastructure ages and demands on utility providers grows, microgrids provide a reliable alternative for industries that simply can’t afford to go down when a brownout or blackout occurs.

Microgrids Offer Scalable Power Solutions

Microgrids can be as small as a system designed to provide power within a healthcare facility. They can scaled up to provide power to an entire industrial complex, or expanded to provide power to an entire community. Embedded within the larger power grid, when the power goes down, the microgrid comes on line and creates an island in the storm that allows businesses and communities to continue functioning as normal until the power is restored.

The Next Evolution of Microgrid Technology

Most microgrids in the United States rely on natural gas or diesel fuel for operations. However, advances coming over the horizon are making it possible to incorporate distributed renewable energy into this equation. As energy storage becomes cheaper and more efficient, it is becoming cheaper and greener to establish microgrids capable of supplying environmentally friendly power to customers throughout the country.

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