The Advantages of Using a Generator Rental Company

When your power needs aren’t set in stone, it is not always to your advantage to purchase a portable industrial power generator. There are many times and circumstances where renting is a more efficient, cost-effective solution. Seasonal projects, short-term emergencies, and temporary work assignments are ideal situations to contact a generator rental company. When you need a temporary boost in power production, the following are some of the advantages renting a generator offers.

Renting Saves a Bundle on the Bottom Line

Renting a portable generator means that you don’t have to purchase a generator to complete the tasks at hand. This saves a bundle from your budget and keeps capital liquid so that you can spend it on materials, labor, and other expenses required to complete the job.

Managed Maintenance

Portable generators are complex machines that require specific skills and knowledge to maintain. Your generator rental company will provide certified technicians to take care of all maintenance related tasks so that you can focus on getting your work done. This means you don’t have to worry about generator problems leaving you in the dark, and you don’t have to worry about untrained staff causing damage to the generator.

Power on Demand

Portable generators are available on short notice. This makes them ideal for those times when emergencies write themselves onto your calendar. When you use a reliable generator rental company, the company will have a detailed record of your power needs and can supply generators capable of fulfilling the demands of your operations

Upgrade Flexibility

When you rent a portable generator, you have the ability to upsize or downsize as your needs evolve. This makes it easy to select a larger generator as your operational needs expand, and choose a smaller generator when things slow down. This flexibility improves efficiency and maintains cost-effectiveness.

Diversity of Applications

Portable generators are available for every situation and task you may require. They can be installed to provide power for a Friday night concert, set up to support essential services during an emergency, connected to construction sites, and hooked in as a temporary fix when a generator goes on the fritz. Portable power provides you with a short-term solution that’s more appropriate to the situation than the purchase of a permanently installed generator.

Durability You Can Depend Upon

Portable power generators are designed to take a beating and keep on producing. Rugged and reliable, portable units are encased in weather resistant, soundproofed enclosures. They are designed to operate regardless of what Mother Nature throws their way. That doesn’t mean they can’t be knocked out; but it does mean that with proper installation and maintenance you can depend on your portable generator to deliver the power your operations require.

For more information about portable power generators, contact Gen-Tech at (800) 625-8324. Our generator rental company offers dependable solutions suitable for your industry and the applications your operations require.

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