The Advantages of Generac Certification

Generac certification can open doors to a profitable career in the power generation industry. As a Generac certified technician, your skills are in high demand. You will find ready employment as you keep the power flowing in your chosen industry. Whether you want to specialize in healthcare systems, data center operations, agricultural applications, mining, emergency response, or other industry, certification is your ticket to a bright future.

Courses in Glendale

Our training courses are offered at our Las Vegas, Nevada facility right now. Come first quarter of 2020 our training programs will be moving to the Glendale, Arizona facility. These one to five day sessions teach you the intricate details of commercial and industrial power generation. Each course is a balanced mix of classroom instruction and hands-on operation. This gives you an opportunity to query your instructors about the finer points of power generation while at the same time getting plenty of hands-on experience. This makes it easy for you to transform theory into practice. The result is that when you obtain your certification, you will have already demonstrated proficiency performing the maintenance and repairs your employer may require down the road.

Certification Is the Foundation for a Powerful Future

Our world is becoming increasingly dependent upon reliable power. Standby generators and backup generators provide the power people and industries depend on when the power grid fails or is simply too far away for the required application. As a Generac certified technician, you will help businesses, hospitals, and first responders bridge the gaps in the power supply so that the power continues to flow.

This is a crucial role, and it is a role that pays handsomely. Certified generator technicians can command salaries of $50,000 per year or higher. Specialist skills and the willingness to work in remote areas can drive this salary even higher. Further, unlike many professions that are currently facing extinction, individuals who specialize in power delivery and generator systems repair are well-insulated from the shifts taking place in the economy.

Continuing Education Is Essential

Success in the 21st century requires professionals to become professional students. As generator technology evolves, our Generac certification courses help you stay on top of the new technologies and techniques required to service advanced power generation equipment. Our certification courses provide a solid foundation for you to continue building upon. As technology evolves and systems become more advanced, we incorporate this information into our training programs so that you receive an education that is at the forefront of the field.

To learn more about our training programs and the steps you can take to earn your Generac certification, contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324. We will answer your questions and help you determine which of our certification programs is best suited for your career objectives.

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