The Advantages of a Bi-fuel Generator

There are many advantages to operating a bi-fuel generator. Most importantly, bi-fuel generators give you extended runtime, greater reliability, and greater flexibility. This is why bi-fuel generators are the prime choice for construction and mining companies, emergency responders, server farms, and many others.

Proven Reliability

Bi-fuel engines are nothing new. The earliest were developed and introduced into operation more than 100 years ago. These types of systems are common in commercial operations and supply power for a wide range of industries. During start up, the system operates on 100% diesel fuel. When the maximum coolant temperature is reached, the system gradually introduces the secondary fuel into the engine. As the system generates more power, the generator uses an increasing amount of natural gas and a decreasing amount of diesel fuel.

Extended Run Times

Bi-fuel systems can double the emergency runtime of the your standby generator. Bi-fuel generator systems are diesel/natural gas compatible and can extend runtime from 10 hours to 94 hours.

Bi-Fuel Systems are Scalable Systems

Most bi-fuel generators can be scaled up to the right size for your needs. This makes it possible for you to grow and expand your system as your business grows. For many operators, it also alleviates the need to build additional fuel storage tanks and adjust fuel handling procedures.

Easy to Store Fuel or Connect to Gas Lines

You can store natural gas and diesel fuels on-site. However, many operators close to natural gas supply lines simply choose to connect the generator to the main line so they only need to store diesel. When the diesel tank runs dry, the natural gas line is already connected and ready to go. Our bi-fuel generators are compatible with requirements set forth under National Electric Code 700 as well as National Fire Prevention Association 110.

Easier on the Environment

Bi-fuel generators have a smaller carbon footprint that single fuel generators. This makes it possible to protect the environment while still getting the job done. It also makes it easier to stay compliant with EPA regulations when working in sensitive environments where ecological contamination can result in heavy fines and penalties. Bi-fuel generators emit roughly 30% less nitrogen oxides, and up to 50% fewer particulates into the environment.

Saves Money

Bi-fuel systems cost slightly more to purchase, but deliver significant long-term savings that benefit your business for years to come. This frees up your finances so that you can invest in your business instead of paying a higher gas bill.

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