Stay Competitive With Industrial Prime Power

Power outages are inevitable, but without an industrial prime power backup plan, your business can suffer heavy losses during a loss of power. For example, a food storage warehouse unable to power their refrigeration systems would end up with significant waste; a manufacturing plant whose operations are halted would suffer a loss of productivity and a delay on delivering products to their distributors. For those in critical service industries such as health care, law enforcement, and firefighting, a loss of power can create a life-or-death situation.

Regardless of your industry, every commercial organization needs a power backup solution. For a backup solution you can count on, industrial prime power provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your organization will not suffer the losses that come with a loss of power. This is the mission of the industrial prime power services provided by Gen-Tech. Gen-Tech provides solutions for educational facilities, businesses, and government offices.

Their solutions include:


The Generac Gemini Twin Pack Generator

For decades, critical service providers and other facilities have relied on the Gemini Twin Pack generator for backup power. This generator features two 500kW generator sets that are housed in one enclosure, providing a total of 1000kW of backup power. With this innovative twin system, users get everything that they would get from a large single-engine generator, but with greater efficiency.

Using two different engines with high volume provides users with a shortened lead time in comparison to conventional large, single-engine generator units. The system houses the twin engines in a single weatherproof, soundproof enclosure. Compared to a single-generator set with comparable capacity, this uses as much as 40% less of a user’s valuable premises space.


The Modular Power System (MPS)

Generac Gemini units run on the Modular Power System, a major innovation in industrial prime power. This system does not require installation of paralleling switchgear and controls on both units. Rather, one MPS switchgear can provide paralleling capabilities for up to seven Generac Gemini generator sets. This load-shedding allows maintenance service providers to provide full maintenance without causing interruption to critical loads, which minimizes the possibility of losing full power if one generator goes down.


If you want an industrial prime power generator that will never let you down, contact Gen-Tech today. One of our industry professional experts will consult with you to create the best custom solution for your industrial prime power needs. This enables the customer to avoid potential losses of product and productivity during a power outage.

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