Standby Generators Keep Your Business Humming Along

Standby generators ensure your critical machines, lights, security systems, and other conveniences of modern life continue to function when the power grid goes down. Our generator sales and installation team can help you identify the best generator for your needs, whether your business is located in the heart of the city or miles away in the desert.

Factoring in Fuel

One of the most important factors our generator sales and installation team will help with is determining which fuel is best for your company’s needs. Generators operate on either natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel fuel. While each of these are reliable options, the availability of these fuels varies by region. It is our pleasure to help you select a fuel option that is readily available in your area.

Sizing Things Up

Our standby generators range in size from around 10 kW to over 150kW. Our generator sales and installation team can help you identify the ideally sized standby generator based on the critical systems you would want to operate should the grid fail—for instance, oxygen machines, HVAC systems, lighting, security systems, etc.

It’s a Bad Idea To Surmise Serviceability

Power generators require regular service and routine maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean that every generator technician has the tools, training, and components your system requires. Our sales and installation team will help you identify a system that you will be able to find ready service and components for in your area.

Remember the Automatic Transfer Switch

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a vital asset that helps protect your building and machines from potentially catastrophic damage. When the power grid fails, the ATS automatically turns on the standby generator. However, not every ATS is created equal, and it’s important to find the right ATS for your chosen generator and your needs.

Consider Remote Monitoring

Generator remote monitoring can help you stay on top of any power failures that occur if your generator is located a ways away or your operation handles multiple generators across locations. This helps ensure that even if you can’t get to your generator quickly, you will always be assured that it is working properly or will be notified quickly if a problem comes up.

The generator sales and installation team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists are always ready to help you choose the best standby generator for your business needs. We encourage you to contact our power generation experts at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about the systems we recommend for business owners in your region.

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