Sizing Up Your Industrial Prime Power Needs

Industrial prime power gives you unlimited power for your operations. Capable of operating on a full-time basis, prime power generators are ideal for use in areas where utility services don’t offer service. Ideal for mining, farming, forestry, or oil and gas operations, prime power generators give you the power you need so that you can get the job done.

Indefinite & Limited Run Times

Generators with an indefinite running time can be operated at maximum power and at variable loads throughout the year without any limits on the number of hours the unit can safely operate. One drawback to these is that you need to pay close attention to any restrictions on the load.

Generators with limited running time are capable of operating for a limited number of hours at variable loads. In most cases, these generators are designed to provide up to 750 hours of operation each year. For most operations, this makes generators with limited running time ideally suited as a backup power supply, but not as an industrial prime power source.

Sizing Things Up

It is crucial to choose a prime power generator that can supply sufficient power for your operational needs. If you choose an undersized generator, you will run the risk of damaging the unit and any machinery connected to it. In addition to reducing production, you can also create significant safety hazards that can put the health and safety of your crews in danger. If you choose a prime power supply that’s too large, you will waste fuel and increase wear and tear on the generator which will reduce its overall operational lifespan and increase your maintenance costs.

Calculating your needs requires first identifying the machinery, lighting, and other equipment that you will connect to the generator. This process requires you to identify the starting running wattage of each item, which in turn will make it possible for you to calculate the watts and kilowatts you need. This information is typically found on the identification plates and owner’s manuals.

Advantages of Getting It Right

Choosing the right prime power supply offers numerous advantages. It helps ensure that there are no unexpected system failures and shutdowns. It helps guarantee the performance you need which helps keep production on track. It also reduces maintenance requirements and operational expenses. Most importantly, it helps ensure the safety of personnel and minimizes the risk of damaging the generator and the equipment you connect to the unit.

Contact Gen-Tech Generator and Air Power Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to discuss your industrial prime power needs. Our team of technicians can help you identify the generators that are ideally suited for your operations and the environments you work within. Whether you are digging a mine, culling a forest, or searching for oil, our prime power generators are ready to go to work.

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