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Power Generation and Air Power for any industry

Gas Engines

When versatility is required for the specifics of the jobsite, whether the application is for mining, waste water treatment, green houses and farming, irrigation, land fill, the oil and gas industry, or micro-grid power plants, gas engines by Siemens are one of the most versatile products that can be tasked for the job.
Siemens gas engines feature R.I.C.E (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines). These engines can be configured to run on any gas fuels from natural gas, GLP, well and flare gas, sewage gas, biogas, methane or mine gas. Due to this versatility, they can be configured to meet any emission standard required. Engineered to run 24/7, these engines can also be used for any application, from prime power generation to prime power irrigation and pumps.

Diesel Standby Generators

15Kw – 2.5MW + (MPS)
Generac Industrial Power generators offers an expansive product lineup from 15kW through 2.5MW single generators, and as much as 100MW utilizing innovative Modular Power System (MPS) technology.

Single Generator Systems

20kW – 2500kW
Industrial generators that are designed, manufacture and supported by a single source. These engines, alternators, control systems, enclosures and base tanks are all specifically designed to fit your project.

MODULAR Paralleling System (MPS)

130kW – 10000kW + MPS
Modular Paralleling Systems (MPS) are systems of paralleled power generators with flexibility for growth. The benefits are MPS systems requires less electrical space, redundancy for your power needs, and reduces initial capital cost.

Gemini Series Generators (MPS) 

1000kW – 10MW +
When space / real estate causes a restraint on the available power to install, Generac’s Gemini Series can offer the optimum solution by placing high power output within a smaller area. Gemini Series utilizes two generators combined inside a single weather resistant and sound attenuated enclosure that’s 40% smaller than a single engine generator of equal power.


BI-Fuel Industrial Standby Generators

Bi-Fuel Generators start on diesel fuel then add natural gas to the fuel system as the load increases, until the unit runs on primarily natural gas. Bi-Fuel Generators are EPA compliant and have lower emissions than conventional diesel generators.

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