Safety Is Essential When You Rent a Generator in Arizona

Safety is essential when you rent a generator in Arizona. The more attention you put on the details, the less likely you are to have a generator accident that can injure personnel or cause a disruption on the worksite. When it comes to safety, the devil is in the details, and operators should take considerable care to ensure their power generation equipment’s safe operation.

Know the Hazards and Protect Your Employees

Power generators can cause electric shocks, arc flashing, and electrocution. They can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, hearing injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and nerve injuries.

Knowing the hazards can help you establish safe operating procedures. These should include making sure that the generator is placed in a dry, level location that is on top of stable soil, asphalt, or concrete. The location should be elevated so that any moisture won’t pool around the base of the generator. It is also vital to connect a ground fault circuit interrupter. This will shut the machine down and prevent electrocution if an electrical current is detected outside of the system.

You should also ensure that the area is well-ventilated. Under no circumstances should you ever rent a generator in Arizona and operate it indoors. You should always position your rental generator outside and well away from any structures, rest areas, or pathways.

It is also vital to keep all fuel supplies safely secured and well away from the generator itself. All fuel should be stored in approved containers and should be clearly marked with warning signs to discourage smoking, open flames, etc.

Finally, make sure that all employees have proper hearing protection. While most hearing injuries are the result of repeated exposures over time, even a few exposures to loud noise can cause lasting damage and permanent loss of hearing.

Training Saves Lives

When you rent a generator in Arizona, you must ensure that your personnel is trained in the proper use and operation of the generator. Investing the time it takes to train employees properly is worth the investment. The more your employees know about power generation equipment’s safe operation, the less likely a personal injury, wrongful death, or disruption to your operations will occur.

Manufacturer and Regulatory Requirements

In addition to the hazards associated with every power generator, each manufacturer will issue recommendations based on the specific model. Similarly, most industries have specific regulations designed to protect workers. Adherence to these is imperative, and before you rent a generator in Arizona, it is advisable to review these with the generator rental provider to ensure regulatory compliance.

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