Required Steps When Installing a New Diesel Generator

Your new generator is an investment in your business. Protecting your investment in a diesel generator starts with a solid and reliable installation process. At Gen-Tech, our installation specialists work closely with you to select the ideal location and optimize the setup for your needs. Each installation is a custom job and we make sure to thoroughly address every detail so that the finished product is precisely what you need.

Outdoor Installation

Outdoor installation starts with the pouring of a reinforced concrete pad that is sufficient for the size, shape, weight, and footprint of your new generator. This must be carefully calculated as undersized pads leave inadequate space to access and maintain the generator, can crack under the weight of the generator, and can create problems with regulatory compliance. Likewise, you will need to construct a containment tank around the fuel tank(s) that has sufficient strength and volume to contain any fuel or lubricant spills.

Once the concrete is set and the containment tank is in place, a crane can unload the new generator directly from the truck onto the mounting studs set within the pad. Once leveled and secured, it can be connected to the fuel tanks and Automatic Transfer Switch.

Indoor Installation

Indoor installation of a new generator can be more complicated than an outdoor installation. Depending on your facility, it may require the use of a gantry crane or skid to position the generator. As with outdoor installations, the first step is to verify that the foundation has sufficient strength to support the weight of the generator. It is also necessary to consider all local and federal regulations regarding the indoor installation of a new generator.

Once positioned and attached to the structure, it is possible to connect the exhaust, cooling, fuel, and electrical systems. This is typically a straightforward process, however, you may need to plan for light to moderate remodeling in order to achieve an optimal installation within the structure.

Additional Considerations for All Installations

Each installation will require the appropriate safety barriers to block unauthorized access to the generator area. These may include bars, posts, walls, fencing, etc. You will also need to consider installing sound suppression systems so that the operation of the generator doesn’t exceed safe levels. Finally, you will need to make sure that your facility is equipped with the appropriate fire and safety alarms that can detect everything from CO2 levels to fuel leaks. It may also be necessary to install and maintain fire suppression equipment that complies with local building codes and any applicable regulations for your industry.

We invite you to contact Gen-Tech at (800) 625-8324 to discuss our installation services for your new generator. Our team will go over your installation options and help you identify which is best suited for your needs and operations.

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