Renting Generators for Special Events

Special events are special occasions and you want to make sure that you have sufficient power for everything from the lights to the speakers. Choosing the right sized generator is crucial and our technicians can help you identify your power needs and recommend the appropriate unit for your event.

20kW to 240kW Rentals

These small but powerful units generate sufficient power output for commercial lighting, speakers, credit card machines, computers, etc. 20kW is roughly the same amount of electricity that a typical home would use. These units are ideal for small gatherings where you don’t expect large electrical needs, while 240kW would be sufficient for a small concert or outdoor gathering. Generators within this range feature extended run time fuel tanks, quiet operation, and the ability to deliver either 50/60 hertz.

250kW to 450kW

The larger the party, the bigger the generator you will need. Our 250kW to 450kW, 50/60 hertz generators are ideally suited for conferences, large concerts, trade shows, class reunions, county fairs, etc. These units are capable of providing 24 hours of reliable power for lighting, sound systems, multiple food vendors, etc.

Estimating Your Power Needs

It is exceedingly rare for clients to know exactly how much power they will require for a special event. At best, you will be able to calculate a reliable estimate by identifying the power consumption of the known devices you wish to connect to the power source.

This is easiest if you are organizing and controlling the setup and operation of all aspects of the event. However, this is rarely possible when organizing trade shows, public gatherings, county fairs, etc. Organizing these events often means dealing with multiple vendors and entities who don’t provide reliable information about what electrical devices they intend to bring.

It is always better to have more power available than you think you will need. This helps guarantee that the lights stay on and the food stays warm. For both small and large events, we recommend cataloging the wattage of your known power needs for appliances and electronics, and estimating your anticipated power requirements based on the vendors you expect to service. This information can help you select the appropriately sized special event generator for rent.

Support for the Event

Our technicians are available to deliver thorough support 24/7 for your special event. We carefully check each unit before delivery and following set-up to ensure smooth operation. This allows you to focus on running the event without having to worry about your power supply.

Contact Gen-Tech at (800) 625-8324 the next time you need a special event generator for rent. We will be happy to help you select the ideal unit to power up your event. From weddings to concerts, we have a wide selection available for you to choose from.

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