Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Generator in Great Condition!

Diesel generators are complex machines, and the more attention you put into maintaining the system, the better. Monitoring operation and making adjustments as needed will go a long way towards improving efficiency and preserving reliability. Our maintenance service is geared toward helping you get the most out of your generators and we recommend regularly performing the following tasks.

1. Monitor Your Diesel Standby Generator

Pay attention to indications that your generator is in need of maintenance service. Increased fuel consumption, decreased output, and of course odors/sounds and warning lights are indications that shouldn’t be ignored. Remember, your generator will likely need service at around 500 hours, so if you’re nearing that range it’s best to perform service early.

2. Thoroughly Inspect the Generator

How does the alternator look? The controllers? AVR? Make sure to physically inspect the generator to confirm that all components, wires, hoses, etc., are properly secured and functioning as designed.

3. Add Lubricant

This is easily overlooked, but it can be easily fixed. Regularly check the oil levels to ensure the engine doesn’t run dry. If you need to add oil because it is low or because the oil viscosity is heavy, be certain to use an appropriate oil recommended by the manufacturer. If you need to change the oil or oil filter, be sure to properly secure all seals when you’re done.

4. Watch Your Fuel Closely

Specifically, make sure that you are not using poor-quality fuel. Poor quality fuel is filled with additives and debris that can seriously damage your standby generator system and cause premature failure.

5. Inspect Coolant

Always allow your engine to cool down before checking coolant levels. Inspect the coolant filter, and replace it as necessary. If your coolant levels are low, then add an appropriate coolant based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Charge the Battery

Always make sure your battery is fully charged and in good condition. Make sure that you keep it clean and that the electrolyte and specific gravity levels are right where they should be.

7. Time to Accessorize?

Diesel generators can be fitted with all sorts of bells and whistles to improve their performance and reliability. From fuel water separator filters to fuel tank quality monitoring, it’s advisable to speak with your EGSA-certified technician about possible suitable upgrades that will improve the performance and longevity of your system.

8. Practice Runs

Finally, don’t forget to give your generator regular exercise. Making sure to run it at least 30 minutes every month will help ensure everything is properly lubricated and that the system is performing as required.

Is it time to schedule a maintenance service for your standby generator system? Contact the experts at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324. Our EGSA-certified technicians have the skills, expertise, and up-to-date knowledge necessary to keep your power generation systems in exceptional condition!

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