Questions You Can Expect When You Need a Generator Rental

It’s relatively easy to determine where to rent a generator. What is not so easy is being ready to answer the questions the rental company will ask when you make the call. Before you rent a generator, the rental company will ask a myriad of questions about your power needs and intended usage. Having the right answers helps the company representative determine the best generator for your operations and special events.

Size up Your Needs

You will want to provide a reliable estimate of the kW, voltage, and amps you will need. Generators come in a wide range of sizes. Some generators can deliver 5kW to 50kW. Some generators can deliver up to 3mW. If you choose an undersized generator, you will suffer power failures and risk damaging the system. If you select a generator that’s too large, you will waste fuel and increase your operating costs. When choosing the size you need, calculate, recalculate, and ask the generator rental company to verify the accuracy of your calculations.

Know Your Infrastructure

Be prepared to answer questions related to the infrastructure of your facility. Are tap boxes or generator quick connect boxes present? Is there a primary power source near where you intend to position the generator? The answers to these questions can help the rental agent determine what preparation your site will require during the setup process.

Discuss Your Intended Usage

Is the generator required for a special event or an underground mining operation? Will the generator run for short periods, or will it be needed to deliver continuous power for an extended period? Answering these questions helps the rental company zero in on the most reliable generator for your needs.

Know Your Fuel Needs and Availability

Standby generators can operate on diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane. You will want to verify fuel availability in the area where you intend to run the generator. You will also want to ensure that you have sufficient fuel storage capacity throughout your intended operations.

To calculate your fuel needs, you will need first to conduct a reliable estimate of your hours of operation. This is easy on short-term rentals, but over more extended periods, such as weeks or months, it is necessary to examine trends in your operations thoroughly.

Start Early to Prevent a Rushed Decision

Never rush into choosing a generator rental before you know which generator is right for your needs. The more accurate information you gather beforehand, the more reliable and cost-effective the unit you will choose. At Gen-Tech, our rental agents will guide you to the right decision and won’t pressure you to make a choice before you are ready.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about our generator rentals. When it comes to deciding where to rent a generator, it’s our pleasure to show you why we are the most reliable generator service in the region.

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