Protecting Your Mobile Generator from “Taking a Walk”

At Gen-Tech, we know that mobile power generators are expensive investments. The generator’s value and mobility make them a prime target for thieves eager to make a quick buck at your expense. For this reason, it is imperative to enhance the security around your mobile generator. Every ounce of gold you spend protecting it is an ounce of gold you don’t have to spend replacing it (or losing as your business idles waiting for a replacement.)

Hide It and Lock It Up

At Gen-Tech, whenever possible, we recommend positioning your generator well out of the view of roads, nearby buildings, etc. The fewer people who see it, the fewer people will know it’s there. We also recommend removing it from the trailer and positioning it behind a locked gate. If the generator has wheels, take them off. These steps will make it harder to reach the generator and harder to haul it away. These steps may not seem like much, but every second it takes to steal the generator is a second that the thief risks getting caught.

Light It Up

Position the generator in a well-lit area. Ideally, you will want to install motion-activated lighting that will trigger whenever anyone approaches the generator. Lights are a strong deterrent, and they are even more effective when connected to a high-resolution security camera with sound. This is important, because while a normal camera may deter a thief, it may also not be enough. Many thieves know that few businesses invest in high-resolution cameras that also capture sound. As a result, the data they capture is useless at recording license plates, faces, and other incriminating evidence. Positioning cameras near the generator and at entry/exit points can help you recover a stolen generator and catch the thief.

Install Motion Activated Alarms

The best way to recover a stolen generator is to catch the thief in the act. When you install a motion-activated alarm, it triggers an alert that the perimeter around the generator has been breached. When coupled with a GPS system attached to the generator, you will know when the generator is being moved and where it is at all times.

Don’t Forget the Fuel

In addition to your generator, it is a good bet that thieves have an eager eye on your fuel tanks. Make sure you install a remote monitoring system to monitor fuel levels and access. This will not only protect you against pilferage, it will also provide real-time data regarding leaks and other threats.

…and Don’t Forget Insurance

Your insurance policy may contain a bevy of security requirements to follow. Make sure that you adhere to these and can confirm compliance in the event your security is breached and damage or theft occur.

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we gladly help our clients keep their mobile generator systems right where they should be. We invite you to contact us today for more information about the security procedures and protocols we recommend for our clients throughout the United States.

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