Protecting Against the Most Common Causes of Generator Failure

When it comes to generator repair in Arizona, there are few teams with the qualifications and skills that our EGSA-certified technicians bring to the table. And, when it comes to the generator repairs we are called to perform, there are a handful of causes for generator failure that come up more frequently than others. At Gen-Tech, we know the importance of your generator systems and recommend taking the following steps to protect your system from damage and the associated inconveniences.

Battery System Failure – Loose connections, sulfation buildup, improper sizing, and other factors can cause the generator battery to fail. Ensuring that the battery and cables are kept clean, regularly testing connections, and making sure the battery is the right battery for the generator can help prevent battery failure.

Fuel System Failure – Fuel systems can fail due to the use of substandard fuels, poor fuel line maintenance, or simply because tanks run dry. Regular testing of fuel supplies, inspection of fuel lines, and confirmation that tanks aren’t empty can stop this from happening. Another common cause that requires generator repairs in Arizona is fuel bleed back caused by faulty valves. Again, regular maintenance can help keep valves operating within acceptable parameters.

Coolant System Failure – Coolant systems can fail due to coolant leaks, malfunctioning thermostats, faulty pumps, air within the cooling system, or blocked/damaged cooling fins or fans. Regularly inspecting for leaks, performing preventative maintenance on pumps and thermostats, and keeping vents free of debris can easily prevent these causes.

Operator Error – Improperly set controls can wreak havoc on generator operation. Accidental entering of the wrong commands or attempts to push the generator beyond manufacturer recommendations can cause considerable damage to the system. Proper training of personnel and adherence to both monitoring and required maintenance can help protect your standby generator system from damage caused by operator error.

Gen-Tech Is Here to Help

We maintain a full inventory of replacement components and have broad expertise related to modern generator systems. We understand the in’s and out’s of diesel, gaseous, bi-fuel, and other power generation equipment. Our diagnostic procedures and expert, EGSA-certified generator technicians ensure that we will quickly determine the cause of the generator failure and apply the necessary repairs to restore your system to service.

We never cut corners and you can always rely on the quality and longevity of the repair services we offer. Moreover, we won’t just fix the damage, we will tell you why the problem occurred and will recommend strategies that can help prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Has your generator stopped producing the power you need for your operations? Contact the EGSA-certified generator technicians at Gen-Tech by calling (800) 625-8324 to speak with our support team. We are available 24/7 to provide the emergency repairs you need.


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