Proper Maintenance Is Essential for Reliable ATS Operation

Automatic Transfer Switches, or ATS, are essential components of your power protection plan. They are designed to continuously monitor your power supply. These devices must remain at the ready to switch the power supply from the grid to your generator. When ATS failures occur, it is often because of problems in the maintenance program that failed to correct defects or damage. At Gen-Tech, our EGSA certified technicians adhere to a strict maintenance regimen that ensures our client’s ATS systems work as designed the moment the power fails.

Preventative Maintenance is Worth the Investment

Yes, it takes time and costs money to perform preventative maintenance on your ATS. However, when you consider the cost of the damage a power failure can cause to your computers, equipment, machinery, etc., it is a very small investment by comparison. Our EGSA certified technicians adhere to NFPA 99 and NFPA 110 regulations when performing preventative maintenance tasks. This includes completion of the following during a standard maintenance inspection:

  • Infrared/Thermal Imaging Inspection. Thermal imaging can detect problems invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging captures variances in temperature that can help technicians pinpoint potential problems before they cause a failure.
  • De-energize the Switchgear. This ensures an accurate and safe test.
  • Remove and Inspect Arc Chutes and Pole Covers. Not all ATS units are manufactured the same way, and the appropriate procedures must be used to remove and inspect the Arc Chutes and Pole Covers. To protect your generator, we maintain a thorough database of manufacturer blueprints and manuals that our technicians reference throughout the maintenance appointment.
  • Inspect for Moisture Intrusion and Pest Infestation. Our technicians look for signs of moisture intrusion and pet infestations This includes standing water, streaks, droppings, etc.
  • Inspect for Corrosion & Erosion. We look for signs of excessive heat buildup, discoloration in the housing or on the ATS itself, etc.
  • Inspect for Pitting and Erosion of Contact Arches. Contact arches wear away with use, and we will inspect the contact for signs of pitting or excessive wear. If the component does not meet established regulatory standards, we will replace it.
  • Test Cables, Controls, and Connections. We visually inspect and test all ATS controllers, sensors, panels, and components within the generator. If necessary, we will tighten or replace components that fail to meet minimum manufacturer or regulatory standards.
  • Vacuum Debris and Dust from System. We vacuum rather than blow out dust and debris from the system. This helps ensure that these contaminants don’t work their way into the system where they can cause damage to components.

Whether you have a break-before-make, make-before-break, delayed transition, soft load, or unload ATS, the EGSA certified team at Gen-Tech has the skills and training required to test and protect your ATS from failure. Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about our ATS maintenance services and the maintenance programs we offer our clients. It’s our pleasure to do our part to ensure your generator functions flawlessly when the power grid goes down.

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