Prime Power Keeps You Moving Forward

Industrial prime power generators are built to give you the continuous power your operations require. As long as your fuel supply doesn’t run dry, your generator will operate efficiently no matter how variable the loads may be. At Gen-Tech, we offer several prime power options that make it easy to select the generator that’s right for your needs.

The Advantages of Prime Power Generators

Prime power systems are designed to deliver all of your power needs. They can be positioned in remote locations where the nearest power grid may be hundreds of miles away.

Of course, continuous operation means that the system will generate significant amounts of heat. One of the advantages prime power systems have is that they are equipped with sturdy coolant systems designed to circulate a continuous flow of cool water around the engine. As long as the coolant system isn’t damaged or allowed to run dry, the generator won’t overheat.

Set up is also not a significant problem with industrial prime power generators. Most are positioned on either a skid, chassis or all-terrain trailer. This gives you significant flexibility for choosing optimal positioning on the job site. Moreover, site preparation entails little more than leveling the site where you want to park the generator.

Relocating the generator is also simple. All you have to do is attach it to the truck or load it into the truck bed and move the generator to the next location. This expedites your work and reduces the costs and risks of damaging the generator between moves.

Of course, prime generators can be set up and connected to the power grid if you so desire. In fact, many of our clients use their power generators for the purposes of peak shaving. This helps ensure a steady flow of power even when the power company cuts them off. It is a simple, cost-effective solution that ensures machinery and production don’t come to a halt.

Prime Power Isn’t Problem Free

At Gen-Tech, we adhere to the “five nines.” That is, 99.999% up-time guaranteed. However, there’s always that missing fraction to account for. While industrial prime power is designed to be stable and reliable, there are issues that can take the system offline.

Low coolant is the most common problem that can shut a generator down. This is why it is vital to constantly check your coolant levels and stop operations when leaks occur. Similarly, oil leaks or fuel leaks can stop an engine cold. And, in extreme cold, block heaters that fail can cause components to ice up and freeze over. As such, regular maintenance and routine monitoring both on-site and remotely are essential for ensuring your industrial prime power generator is, in fact, up and operational 99.999% of the time.

We invite you to contact us at 800-625-8324 for more information about the prime power options we offer to our clients throughout the region. It is our pleasure to help you choose the solution that’s ideal for your operations.

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