Prime Power Generators For Farmers

When it comes to working a farm, time is money.  If you lose power on your farm, everything comes to a grinding halt, which means no production, no applications, and even things like milking and harvesting can be interrupted.

Before prime power generators existed, this meant that farmers and farms could take a huge loss and put the farm in jeopardy.  Not only will a prime power generator be able to ensure that the power stays on after the home grid powers down during a storm, but even before the storm, farmers can rest assured that the farm can rely on the power to harvest produce, feed the animals, perform operations, and mitigate weather damage before, during, and after a weather event.

Dairy Farms

Power is absolutely crucial for a dairy operation.  Not only do you need computers to be up and running to keep track of things like herd locations, milking timetables, and milking schedules, but the milking apparatus itself needs power to run.  If the milking apparatus ceases to function or lacks power to work, and the cold storage houses that are used to keep the milk and produce cold shut down, this can become quite a problem, plus money loss.

A cow can become terribly ill if it’s not milked on schedule. This can lead to spoilage and health issues. Not to mention you are breaking the law if you do not have proper storage temperatures.

Growing, Poultry and Sow Operations

One of the most important operations for growing, poultry, and sow are ventilation systems.  Without ventilation, animals can suffocate within minutes because of the lack of fresh air.  The loss of heat, AC, or fan systems can quickly endanger your animals and their welfare.

Even for something like growing operations, plants might not be dependant on power being available 24/7, but a real farmer knows that even in a growing operation if the power is not available in an emergency or for certain plants – it can quickly go downhill  in terms of the health of the plants.  For instance, sprayers are a simple yet ingenious feature on a growing farm.  But when you lose power you lose the inability to spray your plants when it’s super hot outside or spray them with a coat of protective ice when a cold front comes in.

Loss of power without a prime power generator can also mean that you might not be able to use picking machines that are computerized.

Power outages can cause incredible destruction, tons of money lost, and even cause legal issues on a farm, which is why it’s important that you rely on a prime power generator to always keep your power – and your farm running.

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