Prime Power, Continuous, or Standby: Which is Best for Your Operations?

Not all power generators are created equal. Some are better at performing small tasks; some generators are suitable for cold weather and remote conditions. Some generators can provide reliable power over a short time, while others are capable of delivering steady power for months at a time. As you consider whether to go with a prime power, continuous, or standby generator, the following are some things you will want to keep in mind.

Prime Power

Prime Power generators are designed to operate as the primary power source in mines, on construction sites, etc. Prime generators are ideally suited for operations in remote conditions. They are engineered to provide steady, stable power over a long period. Limited prime power generators can deliver electricity at variable speeds over shorter periods, or full power at variable speeds over the long-term with an indefinite prime generator.

Continuous Generators

Continuous generators are a close cousin of prime power generators. In fact, they are often confused for one another. However, unlike prime power generators that can deliver variable loads, continuous generators are designed to provide steady loads without any variation. Further, the long-term operating costs of continuous generators are slightly less than they are for prime power sources.

Like prime generators, continuous generators are suitable for use in remote worksites. This makes them popular for mining, timber, and oil and gas operations. These sites are often located a significant distance from the power grid, and they depend on on-site power generation. Prime generators are relatively easy to move and require minimal site preparation during the setup process.

Standby Generators

Standby generators should be used only for emergencies. They are designed to provide power over a short period. Indeed, you should not use a standby generator as a long-term power supply. If you attempt to use a standby generator for an extended period, you will likely overload the system and cause permanent damage to the components. The bottom line is that standby generators are ideal for emergency responders, hospitals, and homeowners who require a short-term solution to power loss.

Choosing the Right Power Generation System

There are numerous factors to consider when you start looking at prime, continuous, or standby systems. We are happy to discuss the features and options of the generators we carry. Whether you are looking at systems manufactured by HiPower, Kohler, Baldor, GE Waukesha, Siemens, or others, it’s our pleasure to answer your questions and direct you to the most effective and efficient solution for your needs.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information on the power generators we offer. It is our pleasure to help you choose a generator that is primed to meet your specific needs.

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